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How a homeschooled teenage politician could destroy the Progressive Conservatives
The nomination of “family values” teenager reveals Patrick Brown’s inability to silence social conservatives
Out in Vancouver: Oct 27-Nov 1, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
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Six queer horror films to stay in and watch on Halloween 2016
Forget going out — you can get your cheap scares straight from your couch
These are the STI-fighting super-condoms you don’t need
VivaGel condoms promise protection from viruses. But do they really work?
First LGBT foster agency in Ontario opening its doors
Five/Fourteen in Windsor helps place queer and trans foster children into welcoming homes
Red Door bathhouse remains closed
Future uncertain for Granville Street bathhouse
Scotland, stand-up comedy and gay Republicans
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world
Inside an anti-gay fake condom packing party
Bill Whatcott still packing ‘gospel condoms’ as lawsuit looms
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Pardons, PrEP and the worst STI year on record
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world
Vancouver trustees fired but LGBT mentor safe for now
New appointed VSB trustee says cutting the position would be a step backwards
Marriage equality delay in Australia holds a lesson for Canadian MPs
Aussie legislators are showing more backbone than Canadian counterparts
Willam wants you to suck less and join her in hell
‘Most of us aren’t going to heaven,’ says actor, author and notorious RuPaul’s Drag Race star
Out in Toronto: Oct 20–26, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
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Out in Vancouver: Oct 20-26, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
New regulations may help Canadian LGBT couples access reproductive services
Federal government is consulting on new regulations to finally bring the Assisted Human Reproduction Act into force
How a bowlathon can help newcomer and local queer youth in Toronto
Supporting Our Youth’s largest fundraising event enters its 17th year
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Will this be the last we see of Auntie Linda?
The Fillmore Foundation prepares to dish up its final Prairie Fairies Fowl Supper
Five films and digital-media works to look out for at ImagineNATIVE 2016
In its 17th year, this film and media arts festival brings Toronto the best of indigenous culture, cinema and art
Trans rights bill sparks heated debate
First House discussion on Bill C-16 raises bathroom issues, but smoothly passes second reading
Rainbow Railroad hires Kimahli Powell as new executive director
Powell comes to the job with extensive non-profit development and advocacy experience
Paying respects to jazz musician Billy Tipton
The transgender jazz star deserves, at the very least, the pronouns of his choosing
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‘da Kink in My Hair: ‘da musical
After 15 years, Trey Anthony’s theatrical success comes to Ottawa as a musical
Tracking down Toronto’s best budget date nights
Love does cost a thing, unfortunately
French protests, gay betrayal and trans breast cancer
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world
Meet some volunteers in Vancouver’s ‘circles of hope’
Why they spend months sponsoring LGBT refugees they’ve never met
Why two young queer artists are self-producing their own play
The producers of Tire Swing are asking queer audiences to take a chance on lesser-known works
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