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The two-spirit artists breaking down the colonial narrative for Canada 150
UnSettled will feature the works of 17 two-spirit artists at the 2017 Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver
Out in Toronto: March 23–29, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
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Why it may be time for me to kill Mike Miksche (Part 2)
I’ve often felt I needed to choose between my ethnicity and my sexuality
Who was the real Tadzio?
Tracking down the real person behind the beautiful boy from Thomas Mann’s novel Death in Venice
What happens when a condom breaks? (Part 1)
Condoms are supposed to be 98 to 99 percent effective when used correctly. Mine broke — so what happened?
How one dance piece is redefining cultural assumptions about India
Hari Krishnan’s latest work, Holy Cow(s)!, combines Indian dance forms with a healthy dose of humour, politics and queerness
Conservative senator thinks residential schools were good, wants gays back in the closet
Lynn Beyak praises ‘remarkable works, good deeds and historical tales in the residential schools’
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Is love born or taught? Maybe both
A UBC philosopher’s new book tackles biology, society and the future of love
New Brunswick government introduces trans-rights bill
Final province to explicitly protect trans people from discrimination
I fought the cops in the 1990s and I support Black Lives Matter now
True inclusion should not be subject to popularity contests
Out in Toronto: March 16–22, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
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Yukon moves to protect trans rights
Consultations begin on amendments to Human Rights Act and Vital Statistics Act
Why it may be time for me to kill Mike Miksche (Part 1)
I chose to use a pseudonym for “Hole and Corner” because I worried about my Lebanese-Muslim family reading about my sex life. Maybe I was wrong
Nunavut passes trans-rights law
Legislature unanimously votes to add human-rights protections for trans people
New anti-HIV pill Odefsey comes to Canada
Gilead’s latest antiretroviral drug claims lower side effects, but what about the cost?
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Sex toy spying, tri-parents and American Bandstand
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world
Should private schools be allowed to discriminate against LGBT families in BC?
The Liberals’ order to protect LGBT students doesn’t apply to admissions policies for religious schools, Xtra has learned
Romance scammers thrive in the age of dating apps
The need for protection when looking for love spans beyond the bedroom
Why queer people must stand against the death penalty
Not just in far-off countries where homosexuals are put to death, but wherever people are unjustly oppressed by the state
Stop ignoring the brutal, racist history of the Vancouver Police Department
Why do Vancouverites think our police force is special?
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Experts scheduled to testify on trans-rights bill in April
Senate drew out deliberation of Bill C-16 for 13 weeks
ClexaCon is shedding light on the lack of LGBT women in film and TV
What happened when queer women in the entertainment industry gathered to talk about better representation on screen?
Out in Vancouver: March 9–16, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
Ruth Ellis created space for gay and lesbian African Americans in the 1940–1960s
She was a queer black woman whose life spanned three centuries of living proud and helping others do the same
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