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Meeting between Vancouver police and LGBT community cancelled
Organizers say meeting will be rescheduled
Five lessons from Cabaret about sex, politics and freedom
The Tony Award–winning play is a cautionary tale for Trump’s America, and the rest of the world
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Out in Vancouver: Feb 16–22, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
Out in Toronto: Feb 16–22, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
A life-size pink phone, a sleepover and a script: my year at the Rhubarb Festival
Rhubarb has always been the place for controlled theatrical chaos — that’s why we knew our play would fit right in
When does preference become prejudice?
Is it discriminatory to refuse to consider dating someone of a particular ethnicity?
‘There is no door open, no hope.’ The gay Iranian refugee that Canada abandoned
Amirhossein Zolghadri chose to file a refugee claim instead of hiring a smuggler. Now, he’s trapped in Turkey
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Five Rhubarb Festival 2017 performances you can’t miss
The long-running festival at Buddies in Bad Times is in its 38th year
Vancouver police will march in 2017 Pride parade
News comes after Halifax and Toronto police announce they will not participate in their city’s upcoming Pride
After 38 years, the Rhubarb Festival is still pushing artists to their creative limits
Each year artists return to test boundaries and showcase new work
Tweet clues, gay conservatives and HIV positivity
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world
What feedback did the Vancouver Pride Society get from the LGBT community?
VPS completed its latest round of consultations regarding Vancouver Pride 2017
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Are public health recommendations sex-negative? (Part 1)
While their guidelines are effective, they sometimes don’t feel realistic for queer people
Trudeau government under fire for ending LGBT Iranian refugee program
Immigration minister stresses Liberals commitment to queer and trans refugees
Old politics in Vancouver’s new women’s library spark protest
But both sides forget what a library is meant to do (Hint: curate books, not ban them)
Toronto police chief pulls out of Pride parade
But it’s just ‘hollow statements’ until police really change, says BLMTO co-founder
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What just happened to kink social network FetLife is a bad sign for web freedom
Moral policing determines what’s bought and sold online
Parliament may probe why Canada is turning away LGBT Iranians
MPs concerned about stagnating refugee arrivals amid Trump’s executive order
Out in Vancouver: Feb 9–14, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
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Out in Toronto: Feb 9–15, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
Why I went back in the closet while travelling to India (Part 2)
Cruising in India was too dangerous. I would have to wait until I got back to Canada
Mary Jones, patron saint of the scam
Jones was a black, cross-dressing sex worker who sure did love to pickpocket white men
Canadian government spending $3 million to determine fate of gay blood ban
Critics challenge Liberals’ new LGBT advisor on slow-moving change
Turing’s victory, gay resistance and Lady Gaga
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world
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