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Ontario to finally give equal treatment to queer and trans families
The bill ensures legal status for LGBT parents
The other side of the West End sex workers' expulsion
Between their clients, the looky-loos and the sex workers, the neighbourhood was far from peaceful
Why LGBT activists should care about restoring Canada's Court Challenges Program
Committee recommendations would present opportunity for more legal challenges to sex work, morality, HIV and drug laws
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The shadiest moments in RuPaul’s Drag Race herstory
Category is: shady ladies
Black and Blue Festival still partying after 26 years
This circus party has drawn crowds since 1991 — so how does it stay relevant?
What happens when you film sex scenes with an all-female crew
The Toronto-shot Below Her Mouth plays with female gaze
Playing gay chat roulette
The largest peep show on earth
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Nuit Blanche art installations that queer audiences will enjoy
There’s room for interpretation in these projects, which include washroom graffiti and an Honest Ed’s tribute
The gender marker debate: is gender needed on government-issued ID?
Many trans people want the M or F scrapped; others say they fought too hard to lose the markers now
Finding New York’s gay sex scene
Public venues aren’t gone — they’re just better at hiding
Six tips for staying fit through the fall
Small lifestyle changes as the days get colder and shorter
Minibuses, the plebiscite and closeted priests
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world
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Is the BC government 'negligent' for not funding PrEP?
Health Initiative for Men calls on BC health ministry to fund HIV-prevention drug
Nova Scotia firefighter claims colleagues put his life in danger because he’s gay
Tribunal found he was subjected to traumatic experiences by co-workers
DeAnne Smith will be your dancing monkey
Comedian talks about the trouble with telling it to her balls
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The cost of queer progress for the entire LGBT community
Tim McCaskell’s new book shines light on the communities left behind following historical queer movements
BDSM with an 80-year-old top (Part 1)
Another reason to respect your elders
AfterEllen, drug resistance and bisexual visibility
Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world
Queer picks for Vancouver International Film Festival 2016
This year’s lineup tells queer stories from around the globe
City of Vancouver pulls plug on apology for West End sex workers
City’s non-apology at memorial’s launch a ‘betrayal,’ says UBC prof
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Vivek Shraya wants to talk about whiteness
Author investigates the politics and emotions of a world driven by skin colour
Why Hosanna is taking the Toronto stage again
The importance of reviving queer theatre classics
Out in Toronto: Sept 22-28, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
A beach for every bent in Sitges, Spain
Birthday suits and speedos are all welcome on this sexy, sunbathed coast
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