Advertising should be an essential component of any business strategy because the benefits go much further than immediate return on investment.

With advertising you are in the driver’s seat. You can target a market, a time period,
an event or product, and you have full control over the message. Matching a specific message to a specific audience allows you to connect with a higher ratio of potential clients. Additionally, that direct connection results in brand loyalty, which is one of the most valuable resources for your business.

Businesses that choose to include advertising in their marketing strategies perform better than those that don’t, especially during economic or seasonal downturns. This is because advertising creates top-of-mind awareness; people refer to advertising when considering their options as consumers; referral sources often recall businesses that advertise; and the simple act of running advertisements sends a message of commitment, growth and reliability, resulting in consumer confidence.

Advertising not only allows you to control your message; it creates brand loyalty and consumer confidence - probably the most valuable assets for any business. Please contact our sales department for details.

Online Advertising

The web has redefined advertising and the ways in which you can market your business. It allows for much more creativity, interactivity and a higher degree of metrics. Astute advertisers and marketers know that with online advertising they can tap into very specific audience segments using creative delivery options with access to real-time metrics.

With Daily Xtra you can target market segments as well as website sections and content. You can be very specific about your campaign, both in target market as well as targeted impressions. Daily Xtra offers a wide range of creative banner ad spots as well as native advertising options that complement or integrate into the webpage content. See our Online Advertising Options here.