Toronto gay filmmaker Bruce LaBruce recently told Xtra that Australia's decision to ban his film LA Zombie was a good thing: "Once you do this, you've guaranteed that people will want to see it."

And now it seems that a few Aussies might have a chance to see the film at a secret screening: 

Richard Wolstencroft, director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, yesterday announced his intention to stage a ''public disobedience freedom of speech event'' on Aug 29.

''I've got Bruce LaBruce's support,'' he said. ''If the police turn up and physically stop me, what can I do? But they really hate coming to this sort of thing, they're embarrassed.'' 

From the event's Facebook page:

MUFF wishes to preserve artistic freedom, particularly for alternative or subversive cinema such as LA Zombie. The festival’s firm view is that adult audiences are capable of contextualizing confronting cinema, and should have the right to see adult films. 

Watch the LA Zombie trailer below: 

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