Filling Station

Filling Station
 How I taught a bottom to top
Anything is possible with patience and Viagra
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Earning my red hankie — two fists at a time
How ‘riding the chariot’ taught me to love fisting
How I learned to love being a Daddy
An unexpected hookup, a magic word, and the strange psychology of age-play
How I learned to bottom as an anonymous manhole
A top’s curiosity about receiving wins out
How my princess got to be a slut
A true story of innocence, HIV and growing up
How I (almost) had sex with a woman
A bisexual foursome, a female orgasm, and pushing my limits
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How I brought my bareback orgy fantasy to life
Palm Springs, PrEP and a week of plowed asses
Should a gay man tell his doctor he has sex with lots of men?
Why finding an informed, sex-positive doctor is a challenge worth undertaking
From vanilla to BDSM in just a few weeks
How I learned to like kink and explore my limits
How gay men protect each other's health
Or, how I didn’t become HIV-positive
How close Orlando now seems to Vancouver
Anger, grief, resilience and love in the wake of a deadly attack on a gay club
Where to go cruising in Vancouver
Parks, the beach and a few washrooms downtown
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Do gay guys still cruise for public sex?
Six guys stood along the path hugging the park’s hillside, waiting
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