History Boys

History Boys
Why gay pulps never made it to the shelves of mainstream bookstores
Imagine the courage it must have taken to pick up a copy of Summer in Sodom from the local dime store in the 1960s
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How same-sex samurai stories made gay love beautiful in Japan
Ihara Saikaku’s book of short stories celebrated male relationships in the 17th century
Ten interesting facts about the queer women of history
The value isn’t in their names — it’s in their stories
How a homophobic 20th-century book conjured up the ghosts of Paris’ queer past
From parties, decadence and resistance, Le Troisième Sexe is a valuable if unintentional glimpse into gay nightlife
How a cross-dressing lesbian playboy ruled a Bahamian kingdom
Meet Joe Carstairs, the tattooed jokester who carried around a doll and dated many women
The Punjabi poet-saint who wouldn’t conform
Sufi poet Shah Hussain led an unconventional life, both as a religious man and a lover
Paying respects to jazz musician Billy Tipton
The transgender jazz star deserves, at the very least, the pronouns of his choosing
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A gay werewolf tale from the 12th century
The king gets laid by a furry guy in a romantic tale by Marie de France
Sally Ride, the first queer astronaut
Where the heck are women in LGBT history?
The History Boys celebrate 100 columns
Four years, two publications, two amateur historians, one dream
An open (love) letter to Glad Day Bookshop's queer history section
In which Jeremy Willard gets weird about some books
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Warrior women of West Africa
The unique gender identity of the Mino, Dahomey’s all-female soldier corps
History of queer persecution reminds us to protect our institutions
The 2016 Orlando massacre should serve as a warning
How bellhops and newsboys turned tricks in old Toronto
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .
The fabulous king of France
A war hero stunned his country when he returned in full makeup and glam
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Art and porn in Edo period Japan
Young men get hot and bothered in the ROM’s special collections
The silent gay witch hunt of 1730
It was the worst massacre of homosexual men before the Nazis
Beautiful, buff Mamluk warriors
The homosexual military ruling class slaves of Syria and Egypt
Women's education and love affairs in 19th-century America
All-girl colleges meant a new world of independence, possibility and intimate friendships
Homosexual marriage in 19th-century Africa
Shield-bearing Azande boy-wife traditions reveal intriguing way of life
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Lesbian life in the 1930s
Though a difficult choice, some women found ways to live a happy, female friendly existence
Sodomites, crime and punishment
The story of the first men convicted of homosexual sex between two consenting adults in Canada
Chasing Oscar Wilde to the Windy City
What one gay history nerd got up to on his Christmas vacation
 Lesbian love in historic China
How women romanced and fucked each other throughout millenniums
Five historical homosexual rulers
The power of gay love in high places dates as far back as ancient Greece
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