Hole and Corner

Hole and Corner
When does preference become prejudice?
Is it discriminatory to refuse to consider dating someone of a particular ethnicity?
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Why I went back in the closet while travelling to India (Part 2)
Cruising in India was too dangerous. I would have to wait until I got back to Canada
Why I went back in the closet while travelling to India (Part 1)
Though briefly decriminalized, homosexuality is a crime here so I needed to be careful
Why I didn’t have sex in Bangkok
In a city infamous for sex tourism, why wasn’t I in the mood?
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Exploring Soi Twilight, Bangkok’s gay red-light district (Part 1)
Beyond the neon signs and jammed packed streets is a paradise for Westerners
The fantasy of the Babylon Bangkok hotel (Part 2)
A social club, a gay resort, a getaway spot — Babylon is whatever you want it to be
The fantasy of The Babylon Bangkok hotel (Part 1)
‘There was something hedonistic about being served dinner in only a towel by beautiful young men’
Travelling to Silom Soi 4, Bangkok’s bustling gay strip
I was used to cities like Berlin, Barcelona and San Francisco, but Bangkok was completely new territory
RIP, Yonge Cinemas (Part 2)
Yonge Cinemas may be gone, but at least there’s still Steamworks
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RIP, Yonge Cinemas (Part 1)
For gay men in Toronto, Yonge Street’s glory days are gone. So now what?
Cruising isn’t dead, it’s just evolved
How Squirt.org has helped my public sex life
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Falling in love with a stripper (Part 1)
Laying eyes on Tony at Remington’s strip club in Toronto
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Gay, straight or just Craigslist (Part 1)
Doing the sexual limbo, both online and off
Folsom Street Fair’s dirty little brother, Dore Alley
Mike Miksche explores public sex in San Francisco
Pisexuality (Part 2)
Taking candy from strangers
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