PrEP School

PrEP School
What happens when a condom breaks? (Part 2)
Men who have sex with men may be at an increased risk if a condom breaks. Could PrEP help prevent this?
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What happens when a condom breaks? (Part 1)
Condoms are supposed to be 98 to 99 percent effective when used correctly. Mine broke — so what happened?
Are public health recommendations sex-negative? (Part 2)
Why we need more positive resources for men who have sex with men
Are public health recommendations sex-negative? (Part 1)
While their guidelines are effective, they sometimes don’t feel realistic for queer people
Can we curb HIV transmissions by purchasing generic PrEP online?
Some Canadians who can’t access PrEP are finding ways to seek alternatives
Would you participate in a clinical trial just to access PrEP?
For guys like myself who can’t afford it, taking part in a study is one option
Would you take an injection if it prevents HIV?
For people who find it hard to take PrEP daily, a new drug is now being tested
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Do the side effects outweigh the benefits of PrEP?
Adverse drug reactions are a part of modern medicine. But when should we take the risk?
How bareback culture has evolved since the AIDS epidemic
For some, bareback sex is intimate and liberating. For others, it’s dangerous and frightening
What the rise of the alt-right means for HIV prevention
We need to talk to each other openly about sex and our sexual health
Can we end the North American HIV epidemic?
We have the pills, the prevention plan and the strategy to prevent infections — so what’s stopping us?
PrEP and the birth control pill
What we can learn from the past
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When should I stop PrEP?
Am I supposed to take a pill for the rest of my life?
A safer way to party and play?
A new approach to public health doesn’t please everyone
Who is PrEP for, anyway?
The definitions of ‘high risk’ differ depending on who you ask
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Facebook: a powerful tool for learning about PrEP
Social networks can help make informed decisions
What PrEP can and can't do
Can an increase in STIs be blamed on PrEP users?
Taking a gamble with generic PrEP
Navigating my health . . . on the internet
Is generic PrEP right for me?
Mulling over the options as my Truvada stash dwindles
Talk about the good and the bad with Truvada
Just having the discussion is half the battle
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Why I had to stop taking PrEP
What I learned about Truvada when I could no longer afford it
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