It turns out a certain somebody from our general Vancouver vicinity is in the running to be one of the 16 finalists for MuchMusic's new VJ search and from what I've seen in the rankings, he has a pretty solid shot. Rob Trinh has appeared once or twice here on Up Your Alley for the charity work he's done for the Play 4 Phil Foundation and deserves a shot at VJ stardom. He's put his time into the industry and dances like a he-banshee.

You heard it here first: Robbie Trinh is island fresh. I've known him since he was about 14 and like the bad penny he is, he turned up again in my life after I moved to Vancouver from Victoria in 2005.

So here's the deal: do him a solid and vote for his sexy ass by clicking here. Give him five stars and send him to TO this fall.

Here's his entry vid if you need further convincing before clicking above:

Rob also invited me to a photoshoot last Sunday with the fantastic Peter Taylor. He shot the shit out of us down in a studio off Cambie Street near the Olympic Village. Check out his website at for his portfolio and contact info.

I am notoriously picky when it comes to photos (just ask my director Nicky Forsman and my producer Philip Webb at OUTtv). These are raw shots, people, with no cropping or editing at all (so I'm sure Peter is going to murderize me for posting them here) but I definitely am feeling them. What do you think?

Sean Horlor
Sean Horlor

This week's Cocked & Loaded

Looks like I need a quick chat with Mr. Manners.

Let’s say your friend sometimes has a very similar taste in men as you. And let’s say that when you go out with that friend, he points out an object of interest and you may or may not feel something spectacular in your banana hammock region.

Sure, you can walk away.

Sure, you can tell him to do whatever he needs to do, wherever and whenever he feels so long as he can make it happen and feel something that feels like feelings, wherever and whenever those feelings need to occur.

Yet here, again, is a tetherball of sorts. You hit the ball. It comes back. You hit it away again—and  it comes back. So on and so forth. Ball. Balls. Beating. Etc. It’s a relationship that most of us can relate to.

But think, for a moment, about the pole.

The pole is there. It’s always there. Upright and pole-like, standing tall and proud by your side, as poles always do, doing their poley good work with the gusto and pizzazz that one expects from a modern day pole of good character and fine upstanding polemanship…

Now, I like friendly poles, but I REALLY like free-spirited balls.

All analogies aside, I don’t know what to do any more, loyal Cocked & Loaded reader. I need your help.

 If the ball, in this case, takes a pass on the pole, am I free to liberate it from what may first appear to be a fruitless tetherball match? Or do I walk away and let the pole and ball continue their eternal dance, uninterrupted by my well-meaning fist?

A good friend of mine recently invited me to The Snatch on Venables. Okay. He actually invited me to The Cultch, which is a historic and respectable theatre off Commercial Drive.  I misheard him on the phone and was unsurprisingly disappointing in a number of ways, but rewarded in a number of others.

It turns out that the Quebecois dance troupe Cas Public was in town to perform Diary/Journal Intime, choreographed by Canadian dance sensation Hélène Blackburn. Rumour has it that some of the female/male dancers may or may not be queer, which naturally made me think that this would be a nice, non-club oriented change of pace to my column.

I won’t deny that I was temporarily captivated by a Viggo Mortensen-esque performer. That said, the performance itself reminded me of a 50-minute contemporary dance spectacle, a la Mia Michaels of So You Think You Can Dance fame. It was a chest-pumping, hand-fluttering affair featuring one man-on-man dance love segment that mirrored my own romantic pursuits.

It’s also worth pointing out that the target audience for this performance was teenagers and young adults. For anyone in doubt: times have changed and Canadian art is now reflecting the diverse social fabric of our country. Amen.

After a long summer of sexy shenanigans, a group of friends and I also decided to visit the Health Initiative for Men clinic on Davie Street and take advantage of their rapid, 60-second HIV test. If you like a good prick, this is the test for you. Check out for more information.

What should you be doing over the next couple weeks? I’m glad you asked.

Queer Bash launches on WED OCT 14 at the Anza Club on 8th and Ontario. This is a new dress-up, mess-up monthly queer cabaret dance party. This is one of my favourite venues in town. There’s also a good chance that I will be bartending for an hour at this one so come down and grab a drink.

Maybe you’ve seen the bus stop ads around the Lower Mainland. And if you haven’t: in the spirit of alternative queer offerings, Zee Zee Theatre and Screaming Weenie Productions have produced Nelly Boy, a play that explores suburban gender preconceptions. It’s running THU OCT 22 to SUN NOV 1 at PAL Theatre. Visit for show times and ticket info.

The Vancouver International Film Festival is also in full swing. I’ll be checking out 65_RedRoses by queer filmmaker Philip Lyall on FRI OCT 9. There are a number of queer selections this year. For a full listing of all movies, times, venues, prices and passes go to

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