Justin Vivian Bond, performer, artist, singer-songwriter and all-around bon vivant has gone to crowd-sourcing for a new project, entitled Silver Wells.

Bond has, as of this posting, accrued a total of $18,465, having already reached the $16,000 funding goal. However, Mx Bond recently posted:

The costs of the CD are now covered. PHEW!!! There are 2 more days left on the Kickstarter so I'm thinking if I get up to 20k I can PRESS VINYL! Wouldn't that be AWESOME? I'm not going to go too crazy pushing for it but I just thought I'd throw the idea into the mix and see what happens. I AM SO GRATEFUL AND HAPPY. THANK YOU!

So let's do it. I know I'd rather have the album pressed on wax. 

Here's an excerpt of Bond performing in Shortbus.
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