For those of you who missed Monday and are looking to know what you should be reading in the news right now, here’s the latest edition of the Reading List.

– Looks like it’s not just the queer and health media that are talking about Truvada. Newsweek takes a look at the drug and the controversies surrounding it.

Xtra’s Justin Ling covers the recent stalling of Bill C-279, dubbed the trans rights bill by some

– Over at The Huffington Post, a look into a report that states that gay men in the US are “shockingly ignorant” about HIV/AIDS.

– This isn’t the same View: Rosie O’Donnell interviews the Twitter user who helped identify the alleged perpetrators of an assault on two gay men in Philadelphia.

– And the pope has come out and said that same-sex partnerships have value. Ensue the backlash from conservative Catholics. 

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