Some days, there's just not much more I can add. For example...

-- "opposite marriage" spokesbimbo Carrie Prejean, beacon of Christian morality, getting caught out with making a sex tapeTHAT makes me believe in God.

-- the amazing US activist Pam Spaulding's video wrap-up of more testimony from the marriage equality hearings in Washington (the ones that produced this disco ditty).  I'm gonna have nightmares this weekend about the anus lady.

-- in the aftermath of gay rights voted down in Maine, we get an amusing rant from the Justice of the Peace Office, a typically solid defense from Dan Savage and this flashback from the mid-90s "Dana Carvey Show" in which he's joined by Stephen Colbert in a skit that now seems a bit too real:

-- this lengthy commercial for laundry soap in Denmark is meant as the ultimate eye candy for the ladies -- but we like it too!

-- and finally, the creators of the wondrous Planet Unicorn (heyyy!) are back'll just have to see it for yourself:

What can I say to that other than have a great weekend?  We'll see you Monday!

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