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1. Who are you and what do you do?

I am Daniel. I am a writer, conversationalist, vlogger, socialite worker and retired soccer mom.


2. What is your favourite video on the Innernets?
Planet Unicorn (Episodes 1-6) – My friends and I have assumed the identities of Cadillac, Feathers and Tom Cruise. We are unstoppable. Heyyy!
My Drag Queen Makeover – Miss Butterfly worked her brilliance, and then I interviewed Mado.

3. Fav blog or website?
Ridiculousness: Look at this fucking hipster
Inspiration: Matador Travel
To satiate my nerdiness: Mashable
Is it boring to say Facebook? (*ed's note: yes.)

4. Boxers or briefs?
Different looks require different support. Taut tighties are necessary when I rock my skinny jeans. When I’m bumming around at home, it’s usually in boxers and oversized sweatpants from BLANK.

5. What’s your fav Montreal spot for hangsies?
Tuesday morning: Salon B Bibliocafé
Friday afternoon: Park Mount Royal (jogging or chillaxin’ with friends)
Saturday evening: Gotha Lounge or Buvette or Cinema du Parc.
Sunday Brunch: Any cute bistro on Laurier Street East.

6. Half-full or half empty?
Are you offering me wine? It’s about time. ;-) Usually my cup runneth over. (ed's note: Daniel, I wish you were here with me right NOW.)

7. Skill testing question: 45 + 99 x 88 – an arcade fire =
A good concert. Any equation that subtracts an Arcade Fire is good in my books. Speaking of concerts, this Friday night both Buffy St. Marie and Fritz Helder & The Phantoms are playing in Montreal. I haven’t decided which one will triumph.

8. Cat or dog?

9. Leopard, zebra print or pleather?
Merino wool.

10. Are you dating someone right now? If yes, who is it?
My main lover is Montreal, but on the side I’m cultivating my libertine-ness.

11. Name your #1 dating pet peeve:
Boys who over-disclose. If I’m on a date, I want to have a whiskey and a laugh, if we reach a 4th date, then you are invited to share emotionally charged material. Oh yeah, and queers with perfect hair. Fuckers.

12. Next time Montrealers can come admire your beauty in a live setting yet at a reasonable distance:
I try to check out as many as the out-of-village parties as possible: Mec Plus Ultra, Meow Mix, Faggity Ass Fridays, Hank, etc. If you are blisteringly adventurous and/or slightly masochistic, you should slap your mat down behind me at the heated Moksha Yoga studio on St. Laurent. Check out my downward facing dog.

13. Something else of your choosing:
My creed: WWDD? (What Would Dolly Do?)

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