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Four answers about Trinity Western’s latest court battle
The legal arguments from both sides of the case
Dumbing my self down for (sex) work
Properly branding your sex-worker image
Gay men biggest scapegoats of the Arab Spring
Stark contrast between Bouazizi and gay man in Cairo who set himself on fire
How gay media were stonewalled by the OCSB
‘We cannot win by engaging’ says Ottawa Catholic School Board spokesperson
CBC to staff: ‘Stay away’ from John Baird rumours
Leaked memo tells employees not to ‘retweet’ speculative social media posts
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Toronto proposes 54 new shelter beds for LGBT youth
‘We have been waiting for a very long time for this,’ says researcher
Eating out on Yonge Street (Part 1)
Surprises await at Toronto’s Loft 18+ Cinemas
Nous sommes Charlie
Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists refused to be silenced and so should we