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How Canada is funding global LGBT rights
Government of Canada gave nearly $900,000 to LGBT groups in 34 countries
Why gay hookup billboards more welcome in New York than Miami
‘We just want to have the same treatment as any straight sexy ad would have,’ says Squirt ow
Four answers about Trinity Western’s latest court battle
The legal arguments from both sides of the case
Gay sex secrets from the animal kingdom
Necking giraffes, lesbian seagulls and bonobo boners
Why are there little bumps on my penis?
Take care of your body and love it, warts and all
Toronto LGBT hate crimes rates stay level
LGBT people among most victimized groups in 2014
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Roxanne James under fire for past letter
Tory MP urged MPPs ‘to use the notwithstanding clause and reject’ same-sex marriage
At the Manning Conference, silence on sexuality is golden
Little discussion of gay issues at annual conservative conference in Ottawa
Gay men biggest scapegoats of the Arab Spring
Stark contrast between Bouazizi and gay man in Cairo who set himself on fire
How gay media were stonewalled by the OCSB
‘We cannot win by engaging’ says Ottawa Catholic School Board spokesperson
CBC to staff: ‘Stay away’ from John Baird rumours
Leaked memo tells employees not to ‘retweet’ speculative social media posts
Toronto proposes 54 new shelter beds for LGBT youth
‘We have been waiting for a very long time for this,’ says researcher
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Nous sommes Charlie
Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists refused to be silenced and so should we
Trans customers locked out of TD Bank accounts
‘It took me five attempts . . . to get any help,’ Toronto woman alleges
One in 10 people are gay? Not even close
Studies poke holes in a statistical sacred cow — especially where lesbians are concerned
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Gay serum rumour: The letter that launched it
Chinese mailout to Burnaby voters tied to BC Parents’ Voice, says Lau
Russian drag queens reflect on anti-gay law one year later
‘Now, I am less forthcoming,’ says 21-year-old St Petersburg queen
‘We’re not going to live in shame’: the legacy of Jim Deva
Remembering a community mentor, icon, warrior and friend
‘Minorities should be protected,’ says TWU grad denied job
Lawyer hopes LGBT people ‘feel empathy for Bethany and her complaint’
Pride party fills to capacity in Iqaluit, Nunavut
What it’s like to be gay in Canada’s newest northern territory
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Dwindling gaybourhoods
Author Amin Ghaziani looks into the future of North American gay villages
VIDEO: Vancouver Pride parade 2014
Xtra captures the colours, skin and sun and flirts with Justin Trudeau
Getting to the bottom of anal sex
Why are we so reluctant to discuss the dirty details of butt play?
Raging homos
Has the gay lobby become the bully?
Raising the roof on queer youth homelessness in Toronto
The stories of five youth who have experienced homelessness highlight the need for a dedicat