BY NOREEN FAGAN - A former soccer player has scored a big goal in the fight against homophobia in professional sports by coming out, saying his only regret is that he didn’t do it earlier.

David Testo started playing with Montreal Impact in 2007. He was MVP in 2009 and last month ended his contract with the team.

In an interview with CBC Radio-Canada, he said, “I’m gay. I didn’t choose this. This is who I am.”

He went on to talk about the difficulties he faced by staying in the closet. “I really do regret not having come out publicly earlier. It’s something I struggled with my whole life and whole career.”

It’s pretty gutsy of Testo to stand up -- he is one of the few sports stars who have. I wish more athletes would get out onto the field and wave the rainbow flag.

It is interesting that Testo is from North Carolina, the next US state to become embroiled in the same-sex marriage debate. I wonder if Testo will return home and join in the fight for equality?

That would be a great goal.

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