Its time to cut your favourite pair of jeans into daisy dukes or find the perfect pair of 80's workout booties cuz its all about dem legs honey as we take over the main room of Sapphire!

Join us as we celebrate the OFFICIAL LAUNCH PARTY OF PEAK PRIDE!!!

Starring Vancouver drag superstars:
Alma B Itches & Ilona Verley

Kelowna's crown jewel YUMI!

Resident DJ ShAdo

and for the very first time femme fatal DJ JGIRL! from Footwerk Events!!

And what short shorts party would be complete with out a SEXY SHORTS CONTEST! We're taking over the MAIN ROOM of Sapphire! Its biggest & baddest FruitCake yet!

1. a cake containing dried fruit and nuts.
o informal

An eccentric or insane person.

who wears short shorts?!

Let’s face it. If it’s not you, then it’s someone you know. And either way, you’re both welcome here.

Fruitcake is Kelowna’s brand new event for people who like to party. With rotating hosts, performers and DJs, Fruitcake is a celebration of art, culture and living life outside the lines. You can wear what you want, be who you are and dance on a table like Paris Hilton in 2003*—cuz ‘That’s hot’.

Like to get freaky with the same gender? Great!
Curious about a different gender? Perfect!
Living in a non binary world? No problem!
None of the above? It’s ok, we have cheap booze.
All of the above? Call me!!!!

*Note: Our legal counsel does not recommend dancing on tables...that means you Peter Breeze!

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