New to ballroom dancing? Dive right in.

We kick start your introduction to ballroom. Learn what you like; learn what you love.

The toughest part is figuring out if you want to lead or follow.

Sign up for all eight weeks and get 2 weeks International Waltz, 2 weeks Cha-cha, 2 weeks Foxtrot, and 2 weeks East Coast Swing.

Jan 14, Jan 28 - Waltz
Feb 5, Feb 18 - Cha, Cha
Feb 25, Mar 4 - Foxtrot
Mar 11, Mar 18 - East Coast Swing

$15 drop in, or $100 for all 8 weeks.

No class
January 21 (VCC ballroom competition),
February 11 (Family Day Weekend)


Not So Strictly Ballroom

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