Why gay pulps never made it to the shelves of mainstream bookstores
Imagine the courage it must have taken to pick up a copy of Summer in Sodom from the local dime store in the 1960s
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Would you participate in a clinical trial just to access PrEP?
For guys like myself who can’t afford it, taking part in a study is one option
How to really push back against conservative martyrs like that U of T prof
We need a new game plan to preempt people like Jordan Peterson
Would you take an injection if it prevents HIV?
For people who find it hard to take PrEP daily, a new drug is now being tested
How I became an unsuspecting Master (Part 2)
It was a random meeting in a bar that led to me being here — and yet he clearly had this whole setup arranged before he left the house
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How same-sex samurai stories made gay love beautiful in Japan
Ihara Saikaku’s book of short stories celebrated male relationships in the 17th century
 A year in review 2016: How the police divided Toronto’s LGBT community
Difference in opinion on Black Lives Matter, Pride Toronto and Marie Curtis Park polarized the community on policing practices. Will 2017 be any better?
How I became an unsuspecting Master (Part 1)
He already knew my name when he sent me a drink at the bar
How I learned to bottom as an anonymous manhole
A top’s curiosity about receiving wins out
A year in review 2016: Janine Fuller’s toughest fight
The legendary activist has inspired generations of queer Vancouverites
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A year in review 2016: A tale of two Prides, but which one was worse?
As Pride Toronto plunged into a tailspin of resignations and accusations, Vancouver Pride slowly got back on its feet — or did it?
A year in review 2016: The countdown begins for the Canadian government to halt the HIV epidemic
The federal government announced that by 2020, it will have completed its 90-90-90 target — but there’s still a long way to go
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Was 2016 the end of progress for global LGBT rights?
Few bright spots for LGBT people as voters around the world took hard-right turns
How to change the world through queer magic and applied love
Three steps to weather and resist a Trump-toxic winter
A year in review 2016: The case of Brent Hawkes and how it may affect sexual assault survivors
A prominent LGBT leader was charged with a sex-related offence — why were public figures so quick to defend him?
What it means to be queer at Kitsilano Secondary School today
Despite anti-LGBT sentiments from some classmates and teachers, students at Kits High are coming out now more than ever before
A year in review 2016: LGBT students save their mentor at Vancouver school board
Now-fired trustees voted unanimously to protect anti-homophobia position in 2016
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How Brexit and Trump have validated latent racism
I am black and British. How can I go back to a country that holds no place for me in its heart?
Ten interesting facts about the queer women of history
The value isn’t in their names — it’s in their stories
Exploring Soi Twilight, Bangkok’s gay red-light district (Part 1)
Beyond the neon signs and jammed packed streets is a paradise for Westerners
A year in review 2016: How Rolston Ryan conquered Canada’s restrictions on LGBT asylum seekers
When will our immigration system recognize that so-called safe countries are actually dangerous for queer and trans citizens?
How queer femmes made friends with the internet
For queer femmes, being online can create safe spaces to meet friends and form lasting relationships
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