How an X-Men character became my sexual conquest
My love of Cyclops launched me into adulthood — in the best way possible
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How a revealing book on my mom’s nightstand gave me my first orgasm
It’s all fun and games until you come on a book that’s not yours
How history seduced me into loving an older man
George introduced me to gay history, which is filled with relationships between older and often much younger men
 How I taught a bottom to top
Anything is possible with patience and Viagra
How I almost ruined Christmas with a vibrating egg
Who doesn’t masturbate with a new sexy toy in their mother’s basement on Christmas Eve?
Why I’m torn between the BC Greens and the NDP
Horgan and Weaver both impressed me on LGBT questions and broader social change. So who gets my vote?
When sex work is unsexy (Part 4)
He stares at me, his mouth hanging open
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What happens when your pseudonym gets in the way of your sex life?
Some people think that I’m always down for sex because of my column. But I’m not Mike Miksche
How my love of an ’80s musical made me the ultimate Xanadude
Seeing Xanadu again 37 years later brought back fond memories of my gay adolescence
The black, gay man who could have been the US vice-president
Mel Boozer advocated for the rights of gay and lesbian civilians, soldiers and Holocaust survivors
When sex work is unsexy (Part 3)
The clock can be your best friend — or your worst enemy
What it’s like to talk to your doctor about sexual health when you’re bisexual
There’s a misconception that bi people are just going through a phase — but what if our doctors believe it too?
How piss play helped me get over childhood shame
My relationship with piss has always been fraught with negative associations. Now it’s one of my greatest forms of intimacy
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 What does Barbados’ prime minister have to say about the country’s harsh buggery laws?
Though rarely enforced, LGBT Bajans continue to face discrimination and harassment. Is decriminalizing buggery a solution?
 How were lesbians affected by the anti-LGBT Lavender Scare?
Like gay men, lesbians faced persecution in the 1950s McCarthy witch hunts
Earning my red hankie — two fists at a time
How ‘riding the chariot’ taught me to love fisting
Liberals’ superficial Criminal Code reform betrays sex workers and queer artists
If the government wants to strike out unconstitutional laws, why has it ignored the sex work and obscenity laws?
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When sex work is unsexy (Part 2)
Once the water is warm, he pushes me roughly under the shower and begins soaping me up
Japanese rope bondage taught me that kink bonds last forever
A kink partnership never really ends — you take the skills you learned into new relationships
Five things I wish I’d known before coming out as genderqueer at work
On my first day at work, I announced I was genderqueer. I wasn’t prepared for the response
Same-sex love in the saddle: the homosexual world of the American frontier
Men in the 19th-century frontier had wild dances, found love and took part in bachelor marriages
What happens when a condom breaks? (Part 2)
Men who have sex with men may be at an increased risk if a condom breaks. Could PrEP help prevent this?
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Why it may be time for me to kill Mike Miksche (Part 2)
I’ve often felt I needed to choose between my ethnicity and my sexuality
Who was the real Tadzio?
Tracking down the real person behind the beautiful boy from Thomas Mann’s novel Death in Venice
What happens when a condom breaks? (Part 1)
Condoms are supposed to be 98 to 99 percent effective when used correctly. Mine broke — so what happened?
I fought the cops in the 1990s and I support Black Lives Matter now
True inclusion should not be subject to popularity contests
Why it may be time for me to kill Mike Miksche (Part 1)
I chose to use a pseudonym for “Hole and Corner” because I worried about my Lebanese-Muslim family reading about my sex life. Maybe I was wrong
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