Why it may be time for me to kill Mike Miksche (Part 2)
I’ve often felt I needed to choose between my ethnicity and my sexuality
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Who was the real Tadzio?
Tracking down the real person behind the beautiful boy from Thomas Mann’s novel Death in Venice
What happens when a condom breaks? (Part 1)
Condoms are supposed to be 98 to 99 percent effective when used correctly. Mine broke — so what happened?
I fought the cops in the 1990s and I support Black Lives Matter now
True inclusion should not be subject to popularity contests
Why it may be time for me to kill Mike Miksche (Part 1)
I chose to use a pseudonym for “Hole and Corner” because I worried about my Lebanese-Muslim family reading about my sex life. Maybe I was wrong
Why queer people must stand against the death penalty
Not just in far-off countries where homosexuals are put to death, but wherever people are unjustly oppressed by the state
Stop ignoring the brutal, racist history of the Vancouver Police Department
Why do Vancouverites think our police force is special?
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Ruth Ellis created space for gay and lesbian African Americans in the 1940–1960s
She was a queer black woman whose life spanned three centuries of living proud and helping others do the same
Ten things you might not know about the Vancouver Pride Society
Co-executive director shares a behind-the-scenes look at the VPS
A client wanted me to hold a knife to his throat (Part 2)
He’s given me more details for this role-play than any of my other clients, but the more precisely laid out the scene, the more ways it can go wrong
Will my Latin American mother cry tears of joy at my queer wedding?
My mother had no problem with other people’s fluid sexualities, but she had absolutely no desire for her daughter to be anything but straight
Trump-loving evangelist brings his homophobic, racist rhetoric to Vancouver
Why is Franklin Graham still headlining the Festival of Hope?
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If the Liberal government abandons hundreds of LGBT refugees, does anyone care?
Canada broke a promise to hundreds of LGBT Iranians, who are now stranded in Turkey. Now what?
Are public health recommendations sex-negative? (Part 2)
Why we need more positive resources for men who have sex with men
A client wanted me to hold a knife to his throat (Part 1)
When it comes to role-play, clients send me a brief summary of what they want — he sent eight pages
Vancouver police have come a long way. That doesn’t mean they should march in Pride
Ignoring Black Lives Matter means forgetting the lessons Jim Deva fought to teach us
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How can Canada respond when the world goes nuts?
With limited power of coercion and big exposure to risk, Canada’s best path is to lead by example
Five lessons from Cabaret about sex, politics and freedom
The Tony Award–winning play is a cautionary tale for Trump’s America, and the rest of the world
A life-size pink phone, a sleepover and a script: my year at the Rhubarb Festival
Rhubarb has always been the place for controlled theatrical chaos — that’s why we knew our play would fit right in
When does preference become prejudice?
Is it discriminatory to refuse to consider dating someone of a particular ethnicity?
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Old politics in Vancouver’s new women’s library spark protest
But both sides forget what a library is meant to do (Hint: curate books, not ban them)
What just happened to kink social network FetLife is a bad sign for web freedom
Moral policing determines what’s bought and sold online
Why I went back in the closet while travelling to India (Part 2)
Cruising in India was too dangerous. I would have to wait until I got back to Canada
Mary Jones, patron saint of the scam
Jones was a black, cross-dressing sex worker who sure did love to pickpocket white men
Democrats need to start planning to win everywhere
When progressives write off parts of the electorate, they author perpetual defeat
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