How can Canada respond when the world goes nuts?
With limited power of coercion and big exposure to risk, Canada’s best path is to lead by example
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Five lessons from Cabaret about sex, politics and freedom
The Tony Award–winning play is a cautionary tale for Trump’s America, and the rest of the world
A life-size pink phone, a sleepover and a script: my year at the Rhubarb Festival
Rhubarb has always been the place for controlled theatrical chaos — that’s why we knew our play would fit right in
When does preference become prejudice?
Is it discriminatory to refuse to consider dating someone of a particular ethnicity?
Old politics in Vancouver’s new women’s library spark protest
But both sides forget what a library is meant to do (Hint: curate books, not ban them)
What just happened to kink social network FetLife is a bad sign for web freedom
Moral policing determines what’s bought and sold online
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Why I went back in the closet while travelling to India (Part 2)
Cruising in India was too dangerous. I would have to wait until I got back to Canada
Mary Jones, patron saint of the scam
Jones was a black, cross-dressing sex worker who sure did love to pickpocket white men
Democrats need to start planning to win everywhere
When progressives write off parts of the electorate, they author perpetual defeat
How I became an unsuspecting Master (Part 4)
Suddenly, I notice a small serrated kitchen knife in his left hand
Four reasons why queer spaces don’t feel welcoming to many black queer people
And a note to Vancouver party queers: you can’t buy blackness
Why I went back in the closet while travelling to India (Part 1)
Though briefly decriminalized, homosexuality is a crime here so I needed to be careful
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Can we curb HIV transmissions by purchasing generic PrEP online?
Some Canadians who can’t access PrEP are finding ways to seek alternatives
Three ways BC NDP leader John Horgan’s answers to LGBT issues impressed me
The premier hopeful discussed PrEP, trans rights and how to build a more inclusive society
How I learned to love being a Daddy
An unexpected hookup, a magic word, and the strange psychology of age-play
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How I became an unsuspecting Master (Part 3)
Given the wad of cash he threw down, I should probably stick around for a couple of hours
Why I didn’t have sex in Bangkok
In a city infamous for sex tourism, why wasn’t I in the mood?
Toronto police demonstrate inclusiveness by Tasering man, making HIV-phobic comment
‘He’s going to spit in your face, you’re going to get AIDS,’ officer says to witness filming the incident
Netflix and stress: The lesbian movie night dilemma
Choosing the wrong queer film can lead to awkwardness or ugly crying
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Why gay pulps never made it to the shelves of mainstream bookstores
Imagine the courage it must have taken to pick up a copy of Summer in Sodom from the local dime store in the 1960s
Would you participate in a clinical trial just to access PrEP?
For guys like myself who can’t afford it, taking part in a study is one option
How to really push back against conservative martyrs like that U of T prof
We need a new game plan to preempt people like Jordan Peterson
Would you take an injection if it prevents HIV?
For people who find it hard to take PrEP daily, a new drug is now being tested
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