The wildly successful No Straight Lines [1] documented the history of queer comics and the artists who shaped them. Now a new anthology will tackle the artists who shape queer comics today, including some homegrown talent.

QU33R, a new anthology and something of a spiritual successor to No Straight Lines, is the brainchild of comic artist and editor Rob Kirby. The anthology will bring together 33 amazing, active queer artists. This includes a couple of my personal faves, like Sina Sparrow [2] (whose upcoming Atash and the Man-Gods of the Homoverse [3] I am just dying for) and Toronto artist Eric Kostiuk Williams [4], the creator of Hungry Bottom Comics [5] (not to mention, the illustrator of the best column in the world [6]).

QU33R is currently two days into a Kickstarter campaign [7] and has already raised a quarter of the funds needed, though there is still a ways to go and less than a month to contribute to this amazing project.


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