BY NATASHA BARSOTTI - An Xtra Vancouver report about a glitter shower Dan Savage received at the hands of queer activists inspired a spirited Queerty response.

The Jan 21 "serenade," the third sparkly salvo with which the sex columnist and It Gets Better co-creator has been targeted, was the work of a group calling itself the Homomilitia.

Speaking with Xtra after the glitter bombing, activist Fister Limp Wrist accused Savage of "ableist, racist, transphobic, fat-phobic, sero-phobic and rape-apologist attitudes and views." Activists handed audience members bright pink pamphlets outlining their accusations as they entered the Vogue Theatre in downtown Vancouver.

Among the accusations listed: Savage has "repeatedly placed blame on Black and Latino communities for the success of homophobic legislation"; he has "repeatedly made derogatory and pathologizing remarks about fat people"; described HIV-positive people who have unprotected sex with HIV-negative people as "deadbeat infectors"; and he is part of a "broader trend of privileged cis-gendered gays who routinely ignore trans issues and transphobia."

But Queerty editor Dan Avery says Savage is not "anything-phobic," even as he's not a fan of Savage's anti-Santorum shtick or his attempts to get Family Research Council's Gary Bauer sick by licking doorknobs.

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