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Toronto organization seeks help to resettle LGBT Syrians
Queer Syrians face persecution from ISIS and their own communities
Tel Aviv gay Pride: paradise or pinkwashing?
Israel’s gay-friendly haven is nothing if not complicated
Warning: Gay men can be deported from Egypt, court rules
‘I keep a bag packed,’ says human rights activist in Cairo
How a gay couple and their dog escaped Beirut for Vancouver
As one Syrian refugee couple makes it to Canada, others wait around the world
Indian Supreme Court agrees to hear petition against Section 377
Activists’ arguments against reinstated sodomy law to be heard in open court
Land of Rising Sun contrasts modern edge with millennia-old traditions
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Not wanted in the Levant
ON SCREEN / Israeli films tackle subject of gay Arabs shunned by Israel and Palestine
Northern Cyprus: MPs vote to legalize gay sex
Europe will be free of laws criminalizing gay sex once measure is enacted
Official says anti-gay law doing great damage to country's reputation
Opera singer Maria Maksakova points to hate-crime growth and negative impact on artists
UPDATE: Canadians protest India's reinstatement of anti-gay law
People in 36 cities around the world participated in Global Day of Rage rallies to condemn c
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Mommy dearest
Comedian and actor Leslie Jordan presents 'an open love letter to mothers everywhere�
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Kuwait slams human rights group for criticizing proposal to block entry of LGBT people
MP reportedly tells Amnesty International to stop 'defending deviants and human garbage
John Greyson and Tarek Loubani say 'thank you' from Egypt
'Hello to all of the very wonderful people who helped to make this day possible for us&
Azerbaijan: Gay man found dead in wake of gay pride rally
Azerbaijanis have been expressing their disapproval of rally online
Anti-discrimination task force will press FIFA to take stand against anti-gay laws
Russia and Qatar to host World Cup tournaments in 2018 and 2022
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Protests growing against Russian anti-gay laws
Boycott of Russian products spreading