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Surrey voters elect first openly lesbian city councillor
Vera LeFranc wants to strengthen social policy and support the vulnerable
PTS seeks Aviva funding for new initiative
Program would address LGBT youth homelessness by creating jobs
HighJinx owners’ rental agreement terminated
Landlord’s announcement forces social workers to relocate
Youth homelessness rates are inexcusable
There’s been a conspicuous lack of outrage about the extent of the LGBT homeless crisis in T
NDP MP pledges Toronto LGBT shelter ‘come hell or high water’
Megan Leslie says queer youth are integral part of her party’s national housing strategy
Toronto moves closer to creating a homeless shelter for LGBT youth
New research identifies urgent need for better LGBT sensitivity training in existing facilit
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Word on the street
Homelessness study finds nearly 20 percent of homeless youth are LGBT
Megaphone wants to publish queer voices
Condon hopes readers learn 'what it's like being a homeless LGBT person'
Toronto budget gains and losses
Local AIDS programs topped up, but funding for homeless takes a hit
Councillors work to fill emergency shelter shortfall
Advocates fear provincial downloading will lead to a housing crisis
Queer youth sex workers remain at risk
Former client revives Street Outreach Services
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Out in the cold
Experts say government cuts have created a 'crisis' for homeless queer youth
Gay homeless people at risk: activists
Housing experts warn of flaws in mayor's homelessness task force
Fighting and feisty
GirlFight organizers hope to raise $10,000 for Nellie's Women's Shelter
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Nellie's in need
Historic women's shelter seeks new space
Council candidate calls for queer youth shelter
Michael Erickson says Canada lags behind the US on the issue
BC to hide homeless during Olympics
Vancouver civil rights activists raise red flags
Police reluctant to force homeless into shelters
'If there is over-resistance, we will back away and disengage': Chu
Study shows homeless FTMs at risk
Trans men face violence, rape in city shelters
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519 appoints new head
From running city shelters to community centre
Civil to whom?
Vancouver is in crisis and Sullivan's clean-up plan won't help
Icon bar opens as youth shelter
Former gay club becomes inclusive housing
Door crashers
Homelessness at work
Homo & homeless
Are queer-friendly policies being put into practice?