Israel and the apartheid analogy

Israel and the apartheid analogy
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'Israeli apartheid' decision heads back to city's executive committee
Why single out Pride when TIFF & the AGO also host 'Israeli apartheid' events,
Council delays report on 'Israeli apartheid'
Déjà vu as councillors prepare to debate acceptable language for city-funded events
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Cultural leaders respond to Xtra censorship warning
Wong-Tam says move to ban 'Israeli apartheid' is attack on free expression
A new battle over Pride funding
City executive committee wants 'Israeli Apartheid' banned
Activists protest inclusion of Israeli-backed films in Queer Film Festival
Festival says action highlights power of film to 'inspire discussion and dialogue'
Mammoliti may march in Pride parade
Councillor wants to mend fences with gay community
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Pinkwashing and Israel
Apartheid, gay rights and military occupation in the Middle East
QuAIA complaint triggers legal dispute panel
Group may still march in Pride parade: lawyer
Pride doesn't qualify for city money, says councillor
Funding to be debated at council June 6
QuAIA likely to march in Toronto Pride parade
'We have as much right to be in the parade as anyone else:" McCaskell
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QuAIA to host seminars on its work
Still confusion about term 'Israeli apartheid': McCaskell
Jewish leader says Mammoliti went too far in quest to cut Pride funding
Ward 7 councillor wants political messaging out of all funded arts and culture
The misguided attempts to defund Pride Toronto
An open letter to Toronto city council
QuAIA drops banner from Wellesley subway station
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid makes statement on parade day
City to review anti-discrimination policy
'Civility' at events could expose queer people to ridicule and judgment: Wong-Tam
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Wong-Tam talks to council about importance of Pride
Address interrupted for Ford photo-op
City councillors polled on Pride Toronto funding
Updated: Sun columnist urges Jewish community to 'get the emails going'
Blockorama to move to Wellesley main stage for Pride
PT to announce implementation committee March 15