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Why is York fighting with CUPE over LGBT employment equity?
‘It seems like a no brainer’ says CUPE 3903 exec
Obama to issue executive order to protect LGBT workers
Order to bar workplace discrimination by federal contractors
ExxonMobil once again rejects LGBT-workplace protections
‘Existing all-inclusive, zero-tolerance policies adequate’: ExxonMobil board
US: Catholic school teachers request audience with pope
The nine teachers lost jobs for being gay or supporting a gay family member
Alberta: School with anti-gay policy sparks outrage
Education minister grilled over Prairie Christian Academy’s public funding
Male esthetician couldn't get work because of ‘gender barrier’
Emmanuel Vien says he’s struggled to find job because he’s a man who wears makeup
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Vancouver council aims to increase safety and services for sex workers
Task force recommends creation of permanent sex-work liaisons
US: Lesbian part-timer allowed to work at school that fired gay teacher
Stephanie Merrow is engaged to her female partner of five years
Toronto moves closer to creating a homeless shelter for LGBT youth
New research identifies urgent need for better LGBT sensitivity training in existing facilit
US Senate passes ENDA
Question remains whether legislation will come up for House vote
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US Senate votes to open debate on ENDA
Non-discrimination measure receives bipartisan support in 61-to-30 vote
US Senate to consider ENDA
Supporters say employment legislation has 'best chance ever' of passing chamber
Harassed gay jail guard to seek judicial review
Robert Ranger says damages awarded not enough
The nine-to-five with Katie Herzog
North Carolina writer exposes the truth behind 'empty labour'
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Ottawa activists call for minimum wage increase
Local gay advocate says more Ontarians go hungry due to rising price of food
US court recognizes lesbian widow’s Canadian marriage
Jean Tobits now eligible for survivor’s benefits in Illinois
UK civil union same as marriage: judge
Lawyer says Ontario ruling will have national ramifications
Ontario teachers get creative to fill curriculum gaps
Natasha Garda broke new ground when she started a GSA in her Toronto middle school
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Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
'Women are at high risk of violence wherever they work'
Female MPs worry about abortion rights
Parliamentarians return to the House amid complaints of 'waste of time' abortion d
Fired for being HIV-positive?
Gay man alleges he was fired by Bell subsidiary for getting sick