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What if Red Riding Hood fell in love with a genderqueer wolf?
A Modern Fairy Tale musical recasts old characters through a queer lens
Exploring Hanlan’s Point (Part 1)
Discovering myself in the brush beyond
Wayson Choy wins Woodcock Award
Gay Chinese-Canadian author honoured for literary career
Dancing in the dark at the Black Party (Part 1)
Looking for him — my purpose for the night
A gay man’s coming out journey: I was asexual all along
Is it selfish to prefer a solitary life, one man wonders?
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How one ‘AIDS play’ changed my mind
My Night with Reg is honest, refreshing
Are Hugo Awards biased against white male heterosexuals?
A ‘culture war’ brews in the world of science fiction literature
Alice in Wonderland with nipples
The Yes-Men and A Platinum Production give sexy, silly, queer take on classic tale
Nice day for a Blood Wedding
A supremely queer look at the latest play to hit the Buddies' stage
Crazy8s asks: What if Cinderella were a drag queen?
The Twisted Slipper offers a fresh take on a classic tale of magical yearning
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The Vagina Monologues comes to Ottawa
Actors prepare for classic and newer segments of one-woman show created by Eve Ensler
Review: Looking, Season 2, Episode 5
Patrick’s big self-serving adventure
Rare Oscar Wilde books a ‘huge coup’ for UBC and queer studies
Teleny was ‘the first book to deal explicitly with homosexuality,’ says PhD student
The costumes of Alice Through the Looking Glass
Bretta Gerecke discusses the inspiration behind her whimsical designs
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Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson meet Oscar Wilde
Play blends real and fictional characters to help the Jersey Lily
Holiday Christmas extravaganza
Time to hibernate and watch some classic TV specials
Stormy weather for an iconic Marvel superhero
Kickass female superhero stories are facing cuts, including X-Men favourite Storm
Carmilla: a web series with bite
The lesbian vampire web series we’ve been waiting for
Sarah Waters’s roaring love affair
Author talks about her new novel, housework and untidy sex
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Henhouse owner Bobby Beckett aims for council seat
Candidate advocates for better relations between city hall and businesses
Sex and survival in The Paying Guests
The new Sarah Waters novel is a thrilling tale of class struggle, lesbian love and murder
Snow White and the Sapphic dwarves
Neil Gaiman’s new children’s book reimagines the tales of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty
A Familyversary (Part 1)
The child we lost and the child we found
Writers’ retreats
Along with colourful leaves, fall is the season for artist retreats