Sex worker

Sex worker
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Vancouver council aims to increase safety and services for sex workers
Task force recommends creation of permanent sex-work liaisons
Global demonstrations to mourn two women in sex trade murdered in Europe
More than 28 demonstrations to protest criminalization and stigma of sex workers by Swedish
Toronto sex workers and allies join global protest
Activists mourn two women murdered in Europe
Sex workers hope Oppal report changes laws
But missing women's inquiry recommendations ignore Criminal Code
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Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
'Women are at high risk of violence wherever they work'
Sex work laws head to Supreme Court
Lawyer worries government could move to criminalize sex work
BC sex work case can be heard in court
Supreme Court ruling increases access to justice, lawyer says
Sex work in Cambodia
Group struggles for legal distinction between human trafficking and sex work
Sex worker group argues before Supreme Court
Ottawa sex workers join BC representatives in bid for safer streets
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Police warn sex workers about pattern of homicides
Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
Homewood stroll battle heats up
Activists call for decriminalization of sex work
New city sex-work report raises concerns
Too much emphasis on enforcement and exiting: Hamilton
Queer picks at the Fringe
From phone sex to burning brothels
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Street Outreach Services closes
Street-involved youth sex workers lose valuable support
Wendy Babcock found dead
Champion for sex workers and trans people remembered
Hostile clashes dominate women's conference
Pro-sex-worker activists beaten down in name of feminism
Frédérique Chabot: Community activist of the year
Raising awareness for sex workers' rights in a kickass way
Sex workers face harrassment, abuse: report
POWER calls for public inquiry
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Reform employment laws for prostitutes now: BCCLA
Civil liberties group urges BC government to be proactive with Ontario ruling
Ontario decision strikes down sex laws
"The danger faced by prostitutes greatly outweighs any harm which may be faced by the p
Sex workers question police DNA collection
Is a national databank in the works?
BC sex laws trial continues
Federal lawyers argue former sex worker should not be permitted to challenge prostitution la