Sex workers' rights

Sex workers' rights
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Vancouver council aims to increase safety and services for sex workers
Task force recommends creation of permanent sex-work liaisons
Global demonstrations to mourn two women in sex trade murdered in Europe
More than 28 demonstrations to protest criminalization and stigma of sex workers by Swedish
Toronto sex workers and allies join global protest
Activists mourn two women murdered in Europe
Violence and harm, or pleasure and fun?
New book sheds light on sex-worker communities
Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
'Women are at high risk of violence wherever they work'
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Sex work in Cambodia
Group struggles for legal distinction between human trafficking and sex work
Police warn sex workers about pattern of homicides
Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
Gerald Hannon celebrates 25 years in the sex trade
UPDATE: Audio from Hannon's touching speech
Ottawa sex workers rights organization wins award
Resource kit highlights issues facing sex workers
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Homewood stroll battle heats up
Activists call for decriminalization of sex work
Hostile clashes dominate women's conference
Pro-sex-worker activists beaten down in name of feminism
Frédérique Chabot: Community activist of the year
Raising awareness for sex workers' rights in a kickass way
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Sex workers gear up for Dec 17
Montreal's Stella pushes for decriminalization
Stroll recalls West End's sex work history
Group raises funds for memorial in Vancouver's gay village
Fragile peace rattled on the stroll
Angry residents vow to resume protests
Sex for Sale
Conference to examine sex work in Canada
Court refuses to hear BC sex workers' case
'The court won't even let them through the door'
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Sex workers rally for decriminalization
New Ottawa group takes message to the Hill
'Violence is not in the job description'
Sex workers call for an end to violence
She works hard for the money
Fighting back with our sex working brothers and sisters
State shouldn't prohibit consensual sex
That's whether or not money is involved, says lesbian MP