Bathhouse raids & riots

Bathhouse raids & riots
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Why Project Marie is about making straight men comfortable
Toronto police fail to understand why both queers and women need safe public space
 Is the queer community ready to defend public sex?
Identity, community, and privacy arguments may not be sufficient for Project Marie
Why Project Marie was a witch hunt on gay men
Shame tactics might try to vilify gay sex, but it won’t stop cruising
Protesters, residents and police discuss park sex crackdown at protest
Members of the LGBT community attend Walk the Beat event demanding accountability for...
Federal NDP denounces Etobicoke park crackdown
‘Here we are, 30 years later still doing this kind of stuff,’ says Randall Garrison
Lawyer vows to help men charged in Etobicoke park sting
‘It certainly has the whiff of homophobia,’ says Marcus McCann on Toronto police operation
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Project Marie is shocking, but at least as gay men we know how to respond
The undercover police operation in Etobicoke’s Marie Curtis Park is reminiscent of the...
Liberal government may not compensate men convicted under anti-gay laws, FOI suggests
Documents obtained by Xtra found that there are 6,000 sentences under buggery and gross...
Why some LGBT activists want more from Toronto police
'If they did a bad thing then why aren’t the perpetrators called to account?'
Why one gay activist isn't happy with Toronto police's apology
We deserve more than a cynical PR stunt, says Tim McCaskell
Toronto police 'regrets' bathhouse raids
Chief Mark Saunders offers apology during Pride reception
Thirty-five years after the bathhouse raids: Ken Popert
How The Body Politic helped remake our communities
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Thirty-five years after the bathhouse raids: Tim McCaskell
How reaction to the raids informed the future of gay liberation
Thirty-five years after the bathhouse raids: Philip McLeod
A first-hand account of the protests that took over Toronto streets after the raids
Thirty-five years after the bathhouse raids: Joey Shulman
Charges were dismissed, but Shulman recounts his experience with Operation Soap
Egyptian acquittal not a victory for gay rights, say activists
Judge unexpectedly frees 26 men arrested in December bathhouse raid in Cairo
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Police and reporter raid Egyptian bathhouse and parade men out
Naked, handcuffed and crying, dozens of men cover their faces as they’re filmed
A unique foundation for a young movement
TORONTO BATHHOUSE RIOTS / How reaction to the raids informed the future of gay liberation
Joey Shulman: Found in a common bawdyhouse
TORONTO BATHHOUSE RIOTS / Recounting the arrests and trials
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TORONTO BATHHOUSE RIOTS / The rebirth of a rare historical document
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Small-town gay boy
FEATURE / Canadian filmmaker Malcolm Ingram lights a new flame