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Is love born or taught? Maybe both
A UBC philosopher’s new book tackles biology, society and the future of love
Sherlock Holmes, homosexual detective
The author of the beloved fictional private detective drew inspiration from Oscar Wilde and...
An ode to pre-teen redheads everywhere
Johnnie Walker’s Redheaded Stepchild grows from a stage play to a published book
A gay werewolf tale from the 12th century
The king gets laid by a furry guy in a romantic tale by Marie de France
The cost of queer progress for the entire LGBT community
Tim McCaskell’s new book shines light on the communities left behind following historical...
How two queer Ottawa businesses are crowdfunding to stay alive
After Stonewall and Wilde’s don’t want to be the next businesses to shut down. Now, they’re...
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You only live twice
Co-authored memoir speaks to life as a trans person and a brush with death from AIDS
An open (love) letter to Glad Day Bookshop’s queer history section
In which Jeremy Willard gets weird about some books
Ten queer and quirky finds from the world’s oldest LGBT bookstore
Hidden gems from Toronto’s Glad Day Bookshop
Why dykes on bikes is a Pride tradition
Lorrie Jorgensen’s memoir shines a light on queer women
Growing up gay in Mission, BC, in the 1980s
Author says his new novel on teens longing for stardom is only somewhat autobiographical
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The Oscars of LGBT literature
What the Lambda Literary Awards mean to Canadians
 Queer zine redefines family and supports Glad Day in the process
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Fuck You includes unique contributions...
Lesbian couple not saved by fostering trans teenager
Nicola Harwood’s memoir takes stock of decades of denial and survival
Sam Steward, the sexual superhero
Author gave up a tenured job as a university professor to become a tattoo artist and...
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Christian Baines, master of puppets
The author can’t stop pulling our strings
The politics of porn, necrophilia and gay zombies
Bruce LaBruce releases a provocative anthology touching on all his favourite topics
Best queer fiction of 2015
This year authors raised the bar
Jesus loves me, this I know
Gay Christians are claiming the keys to the kingdom
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The most dangerous woman in literature
Sixty-five years later, Patricia Highsmith still fascinates
See the movie, read the book
The essential Queer Film Classics library continues
Toronto, city of dreams?
How Hogtown helped a queer femme of colour dream her way home
Rise of the neuroqueers
Inside the polysexual history of autism
Swingers in paradise
It’s orgies or the office at this Mexican resort