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How trans people could help free the nipple
As the battle over censoring boobs rages online, where do trans bodies fit in?
What Toronto transit users really told the TTC about Squirt ads
Daily Xtra files Freedom of Information request after TTC pulls ads for gay hookup site
Squirt ads censored by City of Miami
‘We just want to have the same treatment as any straight sexy ad’: gay hookup site
Singapore: Protesters decry banning of gay-themed books
Several writers have pulled out of festivals supported by National Library Board
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Sailor Moon made me gay
Fighting evil by moonlight, censoring lesbian subplots by daylight
Ohio university seizes copies of student publication
LGBT-friendly content, criticism of administration cited as reasons for censorship
Anti-gay activists arrested at University of Regina
Police told Bill Whatcott and Peter LaBarbera they were trespassing
Lesbian satire pulled after South Carolina lawmakers complain
State senators interpret ‘How To Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less’ literally
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Mothers demand ‘anal bleaching’ sign be censored on the Drive
Sign is ‘grooming’ children for exploitation, one mother claims
BBC pulls Free Speech panel question about being gay and Muslim
Presenter says mosque expressed ‘deep concerns’ about hosting the discussion
South Carolina won’t restore college funding over ‘gay-themed’ books
Republican legislator behind cut says literature ‘promotes a lifestyle’
Russia censors Canadian bobsledder’s website
Justin Kripps blames anti-gay propaganda law
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Shouting 'sex bomb' on a plane
Apple bans gay satire comic by Northwest Press
Christian group seeks removal of gay equality posters from London buses
Core Issues Trust had its ex-gay campaign banned from buses last year
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Russia: Communications watchdog warns TV channel over airing of French musical
Agency says film contains ‘propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations’
Gulf state Oman to take paper to court for publishing LGBT-friendly story
TheWeek has been suspended from publication
Russia: Police seize portrait of Putin and Medvedev in lingerie
Gallery owner says exhibition shut down for flouting unspecified laws
Ottawa queers react to Tim Hortons ban
One customer suggests boycotting Canada's largest fast food chain