Coming out

Coming out
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What it’s like to talk to your doctor about sexual health when you’re bisexual
There’s a misconception that bi people are just going through a phase — but what if our...
This LGBT group just made history in Vancouver’s Vaisakhi parade
‘There is nothing homophobic in the Sikh culture or the Sikh bible,’ says Sher founder
Battleground Barbados: LGBT activists face off against North American homophobes in the Caribbean
LGBT Bajans face regular harassment and discrimination on the island. And some fear that it...
‘How many months can we stay alive?’: Meet the Iranian-Indian couple abandoned by Canada
Alireza and Kiran are struggling to survive in Turkey after Canada halted their...
The painful truth about being gay at Canada’s largest Christian university
Trinity Western’s covenant and the queer students it hurts
Five things I wish I’d known before coming out as genderqueer at work
On my first day at work, I announced I was genderqueer. I wasn’t prepared for the response
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Why it may be time for me to kill Mike Miksche (Part 2)
I’ve often felt I needed to choose between my ethnicity and my sexuality
Why it may be time for me to kill Mike Miksche (Part 1)
I chose to use a pseudonym for “Hole and Corner” because I worried about my Lebanese-Muslim...
Will my Latin American mother cry tears of joy at my queer wedding?
My mother had no problem with other people’s fluid sexualities, but she had absolutely no...
Five lessons from Cabaret about sex, politics and freedom
The Tony Award–winning play is a cautionary tale for Trump’s America, and the rest of the...
‘There is no door open, no hope.’ The gay Iranian refugee that Canada abandoned
Amirhossein Zolghadri chose to file a refugee claim instead of hiring a smuggler. Now, he’s...
Netflix and stress: The lesbian movie night dilemma
Choosing the wrong queer film can lead to awkwardness or ugly crying
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What it means to be queer at Kitsilano Secondary School today
Despite anti-LGBT sentiments from some classmates and teachers, students at Kits High are...
Five festive films that actually have LGBT storylines
For when the weather outside is frightful, here’s a few Christmas movies with queer and...
Why Project Marie is about making straight men comfortable
Toronto police fail to understand why both queers and women need safe public space
How a homophobic 20th-century book conjured up the ghosts of Paris’ queer past
From parties, decadence and resistance, Le Troisième Sexe is a valuable if unintentional...
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The joys of park sex — and a few hints on discretion, cleanup and consent
Toronto police could learn a few lessons from Vancouver’s take on cruising
When your client wants to take drugs during sex (Part 2)
For some, taking drugs together heightens the sexual experience. For others, it’s the only...
 Is the queer community ready to defend public sex?
Identity, community, and privacy arguments may not be sufficient for Project Marie
When your client wants to take drugs during sex (Part 1)
For some, taking drugs together heightens the sexual experience. For others, it’s the only...
Why Project Marie was a witch hunt on gay men
Shame tactics might try to vilify gay sex, but it won’t stop cruising
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Out in Toronto: Nov 24–30, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
What if you woke up straight on the day of your gay wedding?
Shit Girls Say YouTube creators launch a new CBC web series called Coming In
What the rise of the alt-right means for HIV prevention
We need to talk to each other openly about sex and our sexual health
MPs urged to remember trans, non-binary issues
Liberal, NDP MPs hear from activists, trans people and HIV experts
Federal NDP denounces Etobicoke park crackdown
‘Here we are, 30 years later still doing this kind of stuff,’ says Randall Garrison