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A life-size pink phone, a sleepover and a script: my year at the Rhubarb Festival
Rhubarb has always been the place for controlled theatrical chaos — that’s why we knew our...
Four reasons why queer spaces don’t feel welcoming to many black queer people
And a note to Vancouver party queers: you can’t buy blackness
Police investigating three alleged assaults in Toronto’s gay village
Assaults allegedly took place in early January, all at the same intersection
What’s the LGBT community saying about Pride Toronto’s decision on BLMTO’s demands?
Some community members applauding decision to ban uniformed police, while others opposed
Pride Toronto members vote to keep police out of the Pride parade
At the AGM, all of Black Lives Matter’s demands for Pride were approved
Centretown Pub, one of Ottawa’s oldest gay bars shuts its doors
‘Like a death in the family,’ community member says
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Out in Ottawa: Jan 16–31, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
 Cannabis Culture accused of attracting anti-LGBT clients to Toronto’s gay village
A public complaint prompted a series of allegations on whether the shop’s arrival has put...
Out in Toronto: Jan 12–18, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
Out in Toronto: Jan 5–11, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
Out in Vancouver: Jan 5–11, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
Out in Ottawa: Jan 4–12, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
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How to change the world through queer magic and applied love
Three steps to weather and resist a Trump-toxic winter
What it means to be queer at Kitsilano Secondary School today
Despite anti-LGBT sentiments from some classmates and teachers, students at Kits High are...
How queer femmes made friends with the internet
For queer femmes, being online can create safe spaces to meet friends and form lasting...
Why Project Marie is about making straight men comfortable
Toronto police fail to understand why both queers and women need safe public space
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Toronto sex shop launches new website to help trans youth buy gear
Safe-for-work site, owned by Come As You Are, is more parent- and firewall-friendly
Newly-merged Stonewall Wilde’s still face obstacles in Ottawa’s gay village
Co-owners Michael Deyell and Trevor Prevost are expanding on products and events to bring...
Out in Toronto: Dec 8–14, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
How a homophobic 20th-century book conjured up the ghosts of Paris’ queer past
From parties, decadence and resistance, Le Troisième Sexe is a valuable if unintentional...
Out in Toronto: Dec 1–7, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
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 Is the queer community ready to defend public sex?
Identity, community, and privacy arguments may not be sufficient for Project Marie
Project Marie is the latest chapter in Toronto police’s long history of targeting queer sex
Xtra Spark urges community members to follow activist group Queers Crash the Beat
Why Project Marie was a witch hunt on gay men
Shame tactics might try to vilify gay sex, but it won’t stop cruising
Out in Toronto: Nov 24–30, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
RIP, Yonge Cinemas (Part 2)
Yonge Cinemas may be gone, but at least there’s still Steamworks