Harm reduction

Harm reduction
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What the rise of the alt-right means for HIV prevention
We need to talk to each other openly about sex and our sexual health
Protesters, residents and police discuss park sex crackdown at protest
Members of the LGBT community attend Walk the Beat event demanding accountability for...
MPs urged to remember trans, non-binary issues
Liberal, NDP MPs hear from activists, trans people and HIV experts
Feds name gay MP as ‘LGBTQ2 issues’ advisor
Edmonton MP has three years to answer calls for pardons and compensation for those...
Concerns raised over technology used to exonerate AIDS ‘Patient Zero’
Advanced viral genome tracking could soon identify individual virus transmission cases....
Trans-rights protection bill fast-tracked through House committee
Senate could debate proposal before Christmas break
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Why LGBT activists should care about restoring Canada's Court Challenges Program
Committee recommendations would present opportunity for more legal challenges to sex work,...
Dundonald Park hosts harm-reduction service providers
Policing of public space remains an issue, park users say
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Denial of needle and syringe programs to prisoners is cruel
How to make your own syringe - and why you should never have to
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Insite supporters take to the Hill
While Clement vows to appeal BC court decision, supporters rally
Clement to appeal BC court's Insite decision
MPs frustrated by Health Minister's apparent ignorance of harm reduction programs
BC court rules in favour of Insite
Groups urge feds to support project, end waffling