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Mary Jones, patron saint of the scam
Jones was a black, cross-dressing sex worker who sure did love to pickpocket white men
Why gay pulps never made it to the shelves of mainstream bookstores
Imagine the courage it must have taken to pick up a copy of Summer in Sodom from the local...
Class-action lawsuit proceeds on government, military purge in Canada
Public servants asked to preserve documents
How same-sex samurai stories made gay love beautiful in Japan
Ihara Saikaku’s book of short stories celebrated male relationships in the 17th century
How Brexit and Trump have validated latent racism
I am black and British. How can I go back to a country that holds no place for me in its...
Ten interesting facts about the queer women of history
The value isn’t in their names — it’s in their stories
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What’s on the agenda for Canada’s first LGBTQ2 advisor?
Randy Boissonnault talks government apology, gay blood ban and Marie Curtis Park
How a homophobic 20th-century book conjured up the ghosts of Paris’ queer past
From parties, decadence and resistance, Le Troisième Sexe is a valuable if unintentional...
Federal government to review Canada’s tough HIV laws
HIV criminalization, funding for HIV and hepatitis organizations on the agenda
 Is the queer community ready to defend public sex?
Identity, community, and privacy arguments may not be sufficient for Project Marie
Leitch’s hypocritical Trump-style politics have no place in Canada
If Conservatives have any principles, they must rally against leadership candidate’s anti-...
Bank Street BIA to highlight culture and history in Ottawa’s Village
Community input needed for first phase of Village Legacy Project
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Toronto’s trans community mourns on Transgender Day of Remembrance
Trans flag was raised at Queen’s Park and Toronto City Hall to pay tribute to those lost to...
Protesters, residents and police discuss park sex crackdown at protest
Members of the LGBT community attend Walk the Beat event demanding accountability for...
MPs urged to remember trans, non-binary issues
Liberal, NDP MPs hear from activists, trans people and HIV experts
Federal NDP denounces Etobicoke park crackdown
‘Here we are, 30 years later still doing this kind of stuff,’ says Randall Garrison
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RIP, Yonge Cinemas (Part 1)
For gay men in Toronto, Yonge Street’s glory days are gone. So now what?
How a cross-dressing lesbian playboy ruled a Bahamian kingdom
Meet Joe Carstairs, the tattooed jokester who carried around a doll and dated many women
Feds name gay MP as ‘LGBTQ2 issues’ advisor
Edmonton MP has three years to answer calls for pardons and compensation for those...
Liberals move to scrap anal-sex law
Section 159 forbids group sex, puts age of consent higher than vaginal sex
What Trump’s presidency will mean for global LGBT rights
Trump’s election will slow or stop the tremendous progress LGBT Americans made under Barack...
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Concerns raised over technology used to exonerate AIDS ‘Patient Zero’
Advanced viral genome tracking could soon identify individual virus transmission cases....
The Punjabi poet-saint who wouldn’t conform
Sufi poet Shah Hussain led an unconventional life, both as a religious man and a lover
Liberal government may not compensate men convicted under anti-gay laws, FOI suggests
Documents obtained by Xtra found that there are 6,000 sentences under buggery and gross...
Class-action lawsuit filed to compensate fired LGBT public servants
Hundreds of LGBT public servants and military members lost their jobs over sexual...
BC’s first gay premier probably wasn’t gay
Challenging the myth of Premier Alexander Davie, supposed namesake of Vancouver’s Davie...