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How one book wants to get Canada talking about the challenges faced by LGBT youth
Christopher Gudgeon’s latest book, The Encyclopedia of Lies, offers insight into isolation...
A raw ride in the world of queer poetry
Christopher Gudgeon’s oddly prophetic Assdeep in Wonder takes aim at addiction, identity...
Vivek Shraya wants to talk about whiteness
Author investigates the politics and emotions of a world driven by skin colour
The curious case of queers idealizing family
When channeling pain into art may go a step too far
Why gay author from St Vincent only came out in Canada
Nigel Thomas’ new book No Safeguards nominated for literary award in Montreal
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Queer CanLit classics and classics-to-be (Part 2)
Canadian LGBT authors tell Plenitude Magazine which books inspired them
Queer CanLit classics and classics-to-be
Canadian LGBT authors tell Plenitude Magazine which books inspired them
Sharp in the Dark, Part 29
A Knock At the Door, the final chapter
Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha launches latest works in Ottawa
Author discusses her new memoir and latest book of poetry
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Greg Hollingshead’s Amazing Insult
The Word On The Street featured writer’s latest deals with a shift in sexual orientation
A tale of two lesbian arm-wrestlers
Lana Pesch’s new book featured at Toronto’s 2015 Word On The Street Fest
The Word On The Street’s LGBT history
Toronto’s annual book and magazine fair has always been a bit queer
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Not your average children’s books
Canadian publisher releases six gender-independent, LGBT-friendly stories for kids
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Susan Lanser finds the Sapphic in history
New book will lez up your notions of history and literature