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Out in Vancouver: April 6–12, 2017
Choice events in the city this week
Police investigating three alleged assaults in Toronto’s gay village
Assaults allegedly took place in early January, all at the same intersection
Why I didn’t have sex in Bangkok
In a city infamous for sex tourism, why wasn’t I in the mood?
Centretown Pub, one of Ottawa’s oldest gay bars shuts its doors
‘Like a death in the family,’ community member says
Why Project Marie is about making straight men comfortable
Toronto police fail to understand why both queers and women need safe public space
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Travelling to Silom Soi 4, Bangkok’s bustling gay strip
I was used to cities like Berlin, Barcelona and San Francisco, but Bangkok was completely...
 Is the queer community ready to defend public sex?
Identity, community, and privacy arguments may not be sufficient for Project Marie
RIP, Yonge Cinemas (Part 2)
Yonge Cinemas may be gone, but at least there’s still Steamworks
Bank Street BIA to highlight culture and history in Ottawa’s Village
Community input needed for first phase of Village Legacy Project
Protesters, residents and police discuss park sex crackdown at protest
Members of the LGBT community attend Walk the Beat event demanding accountability for...
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Federal NDP denounces Etobicoke park crackdown
‘Here we are, 30 years later still doing this kind of stuff,’ says Randall Garrison
Out in Ottawa: Nov 16–30, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
Former Zipperz owner opens Blyss Nightclub in Toronto’s gay village
Blyss won’t be another Zipperz, says Harry Singh
All your burning questions answered on why gay men love park sex
Who doesn’t like a little open space and the wind blowing sweetly on your ass?
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Lawyer vows to help men charged in Etobicoke park sting
‘It certainly has the whiff of homophobia,’ says Marcus McCann on Toronto police operation
Toronto police charge dozens of men with sexual offences in Etobicoke park
‘Project Marie’ involved undercover officers arresting men for soliciting sex in Marie...
Out in Toronto: Nov 10–16, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
How a new collective is bringing together Ottawa’s queer community
Queering613 hosts queer events and workshops to help the community feel less alone
Out in Vancouver: Oct 27-Nov 1, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
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Out in Toronto: Oct 13–19, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
What’s the difference between a queer and a straight sports bar?
Striker Sports Bar aims to be a welcoming hub in Toronto’s thriving LGBT sports culture
Out in Toronto: Sept 22-28, 2016
Choice events in the city this week
Out in Toronto: Sept 15-21, 2016
Choice events in the city this week