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Morgane Oger is Canada’s best chance at electing a trans person in 2017
Activist turned politician hopes to unseat Liberal incumbent in BC’s May 9 election
Federal politicians speak out against bullying on Day of Pink
MPs also attended a gala run by the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity
 What does Barbados’ prime minister have to say about the country’s harsh buggery laws?
Though rarely enforced, LGBT Bajans continue to face discrimination and harassment. Is...
Richmond NDP candidate’s statements on LGBT rights don’t all add up
What did Chak Au really say about his ‘moral issues’?
Conservative senator thinks residential schools were good, wants gays back in the closet
Lynn Beyak praises ‘remarkable works, good deeds and historical tales in the residential...
Experts scheduled to testify on trans-rights bill in April
Senate drew out deliberation of Bill C-16 for 13 weeks
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Canadian passports could set new global standard on gender markers
Feds waiting on SIN review to look at gender-neutral passports. But they could be forced to...
George Smitherman seeks political comeback
Former deputy premier will compete for new city council seat in Toronto Centre
Trudeau government under fire for ending LGBT Iranian refugee program
Immigration minister stresses Liberals commitment to queer and trans refugees
Parliament may probe why Canada is turning away LGBT Iranians
MPs concerned about stagnating refugee arrivals amid Trump’s executive order
Democrats need to start planning to win everywhere
When progressives write off parts of the electorate, they author perpetual defeat
Three ways BC NDP leader John Horgan’s answers to LGBT issues impressed me
The premier hopeful discussed PrEP, trans rights and how to build a more inclusive society
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What’s on the agenda for Canada’s first LGBTQ2 advisor?
Randy Boissonnault talks government apology, gay blood ban and Marie Curtis Park
Senate delays trans-rights bill debate until February
Red chamber’s new committee structure gives Bill C-16 a better chance of passing
Nunavut and Yukon to enact trans-rights bills
Move will leave New Brunswick as the last remaining province without explicit trans rights
A year in review 2016: The BC Liberals grow a conscience
Why the sudden shifts on education and trans laws in 2016?
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Leitch’s hypocritical Trump-style politics have no place in Canada
If Conservatives have any principles, they must rally against leadership candidate’s anti-...
What the rise of the alt-right means for HIV prevention
We need to talk to each other openly about sex and our sexual health
How a homeschooled teenage politician could destroy the Progressive Conservatives
The nomination of ‘family values’ teenager reveals Patrick Brown’s inability to silence...
New regulations may help Canadian LGBT couples access reproductive services
Federal government is consulting on new regulations to finally bring the Assisted Human...
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Ontario to finally give equal treatment to queer and trans families
The bill ensures legal status for LGBT parents
What do we make of Patrick Brown?
With Brown’s mixed track record on LGBT issues, should we trust him?
Trudeau’s gonna apologize to LGBT Canadians. Now what?
Even if the Liberals accomplish everything Egale has asked for, there’s still work to do
Cheri DiNovo drops out of NDP leadership race
LGBT advocate withdraws, citing health reasons
Trudeau says government can do better for LGBT Syrian refugees
‘It hasn’t been as successful as we would have liked’