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Former Vancouver Pride directors call for police to withdraw from parade
‘It would be a great first step to show trust and willingness to listen and understand,’...
 Pride Toronto clears first hurdle to keep city funding
A full council vote on Pride Toronto funding to come on May 24
Judge hobbles class-action lawsuit against ‘gay zombies’ that crashed Toronto Pride
But Bill Whatcott will have to reveal his associates and backers, court rules
Vancouver Pride’s co-executive director to resign after 2017 festival
Pride Society searching for candidates now to fill the position for July
Black Lives Matter say they feel betrayed by Vancouver police and Pride
Why didn’t police intervene sooner to pre-empt attack on this anti-racism rally, and what...
Toronto city councillors threatening to cut Pride funding for excluding police floats
Suburban councillor is introducing motion to defund Pride next month
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This group wants to throw a rival LGBT parade that includes cops on the same day as Toronto Pride
Unity and Inclusion Toronto is asking for donations to help fund an alternative parade
Vancouver police have come a long way. That doesn’t mean they should march in Pride
Ignoring Black Lives Matter means forgetting the lessons Jim Deva fought to teach us
Vancouver Pride condemns racist backlash against BLM and apologizes for slow response
‘We must all do our part to speak out against it whenever we see it,’ VPS says
Vancouver Pride says all options still open regarding police at parade
Petition to support police garners nearly 2,600 signatures, Pride says all feedback welcome
Toronto police chief pulls out of Pride parade
But it’s just ‘hollow statements’ until police really change, says BLMTO co-founder
Toronto police demonstrate inclusiveness by Tasering man, making HIV-phobic comment
‘He’s going to spit in your face, you’re going to get AIDS,’ officer says to witness...
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What’s the LGBT community saying about Pride Toronto’s decision on BLMTO’s demands?
Some community members applauding decision to ban uniformed police, while others opposed
Will Vancouver Pride also ban uniformed police officers?
Police don’t belong at Pride, says Black Lives Matter Vancouver cofounder
Pride Toronto members vote to keep police out of the Pride parade
At the AGM, all of Black Lives Matter’s demands for Pride were approved
Should Pride applicants have to prove that they’re LGBT-friendly?
A proposal to restrict participation in Halifax Pride raises questions about queer...
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Vancouver Pride cuts some events to focus on core, AGM hears
New managers say VPS committed to consulting community, especially marginalized groups
Pride Toronto apologizes for history of anti-blackness
Agrees to all BLMTO’s demands but decision on police involvement will fall to dispute panel...
Powerful speakers from Pride Toronto’s town hall
From debates over police inclusion to support for Black Lives Matter
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Pride Toronto under fire at first town hall
Board grilled on accessibility, anti-black racism and police involvement in future Pride...
Meet Capital Pride’s 10-year-old parade grand marshal
Charlie Lowthian-Rickert talks about trans rights and activism
$104-million lawsuit filed against Toronto Pride parade crashers
Bill Whatcott and his ‘gay zombies’ face possible legal injunction
Ultimate Ottawa Pride Guide 2016
Your guide to the hottest parties and events this Pride season