Racism & race relations

Racism & race relations
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Black Lives Matter say they feel betrayed by Vancouver police and Pride
Why didn’t police intervene sooner to pre-empt attack on this anti-racism rally, and what...
Toronto city councillors threatening to cut Pride funding for excluding police floats
Suburban councillor is introducing motion to defund Pride next month
Ruth Ellis created space for gay and lesbian African Americans in the 1940–1960s
She was a queer black woman whose life spanned three centuries of living proud and helping...
Vancouver police have come a long way. That doesn’t mean they should march in Pride
Ignoring Black Lives Matter means forgetting the lessons Jim Deva fought to teach us
Vancouver Pride condemns racist backlash against BLM and apologizes for slow response
‘We must all do our part to speak out against it whenever we see it,’ VPS says
Toronto police chief pulls out of Pride parade
But it’s just ‘hollow statements’ until police really change, says BLMTO co-founder
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Mary Jones, patron saint of the scam
Jones was a black, cross-dressing sex worker who sure did love to pickpocket white men
Four reasons why queer spaces don’t feel welcoming to many black queer people
And a note to Vancouver party queers: you can’t buy blackness
Toronto police demonstrate inclusiveness by Tasering man, making HIV-phobic comment
‘He’s going to spit in your face, you’re going to get AIDS,’ officer says to witness...
What’s the LGBT community saying about Pride Toronto’s decision on BLMTO’s demands?
Some community members applauding decision to ban uniformed police, while others opposed
Pride Toronto members vote to keep police out of the Pride parade
At the AGM, all of Black Lives Matter’s demands for Pride were approved
How Brexit and Trump have validated latent racism
I am black and British. How can I go back to a country that holds no place for me in its...
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Instead of a happy ending, Moonlight gives into black pain
Damaging tropes about black masculinity overshadow positive narratives about being black...
What are you really saying when you ask, ‘where are you from?’
Toronto-based WAYF Collective seeks to empower Asian-identified youth
 Is the queer community ready to defend public sex?
Identity, community, and privacy arguments may not be sufficient for Project Marie
MPs urged to remember trans, non-binary issues
Liberal, NDP MPs hear from activists, trans people and HIV experts
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Why I’m proud to be Trump’s worst nightmare
Living fully, loudly and authentically after a sickening election
What Trump’s presidency will mean for global LGBT rights
Trump’s election will slow or stop the tremendous progress LGBT Americans made under Barack...
How Black Boys challenges stereotypes about black males
Stephen Jackman-Torkoff and Tawiah Ben M’Carthy are done with the assumptions — they want...
Why a young straight theatre-maker wrote a play about queer women
Aaron Jan’s new show, Swan challenges the roles typically reserved for straight white men
Five films and digital-media works to look out for at ImagineNATIVE 2016
In its 17th year, this film and media arts festival brings Toronto the best of indigenous...
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‘da Kink in My Hair: ‘da musical
After 15 years, Trey Anthony’s theatrical success comes to Ottawa as a musical
Thirteen coming-out stories to read on National Coming Out Day 2016
From reported stories to personal essays, coming out in 2016 is a multi-faceted experience
 Can one party welcome bears, club kids, hipsters and leather folks?
Why Pitbull Events refuses to be another niche party in a sea of Toronto’s sexual...
Why LGBT activists should care about restoring Canada's Court Challenges Program
Committee recommendations would present opportunity for more legal challenges to sex work,...
Pride Toronto apologizes for history of anti-blackness
Agrees to all BLMTO’s demands but decision on police involvement will fall to dispute panel...