Social issues

Social issues
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What Trump’s presidency will mean for global LGBT rights
Trump’s election will slow or stop the tremendous progress LGBT Americans made under Barack...
First LGBT foster agency in Ontario opening its doors
Five/Fourteen in Windsor helps place queer and trans foster children into welcoming homes
Five films and digital-media works to look out for at ImagineNATIVE 2016
In its 17th year, this film and media arts festival brings Toronto the best of indigenous...
PrEP and the birth control pill
What we can learn from the past
OC Transpo to address transit etiquette
Busology campaign will inform riders through print ads and online videos
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Toronto moves closer to creating a homeless shelter for LGBT youth
New research identifies urgent need for better LGBT sensitivity training in existing...
Germany: Birth certificates no longer have to indicate gender
Move raises questions about marriage and civil-partnership laws: report
Only one in five Britons thinks homosexuality is wrong
Decrease in anti-gay attitudes due to demographic shift, study shows
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Black and gay together
Homophobia and homosexuality in the black community
LemonTree's Still Life: July 16 and 17
Queer 20-somethings grapple with big issues
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