The best of Toronto
Black Lives Matter, Justin Trudeau and Orlando
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Counter violence with love, says Mexican-American singer Lila Downs
‘We are going to be proud to love and show people how to love’
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So important for us to keep gathering, says Queer As Folk star
Randy Harrison says attending Pride is more of a political act post-Orlando
Trans actress Mya Taylor on Tangerine and her new projects
‘Honey, I don’t sit around and wait for nobody!’
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Trending videos on Daily Xtra for June 2016
From Hurricane Bianca to Baby Steps and more
And Still We Rise: Ugandan LGBT activists tell their stories
‘I’m simply saying, ‘look, I’m here,’’ says Kasha Jacqueline
Why many Chinese parents really object to homosexuality
It’s not about coming out anymore, says Baby Steps filmmaker Barney Cheng
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If you don
YouTube stars Sarah Rotella and Adrianna DiLonardo release first film
New film uncovers LGBT history in Inuit culture
Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things reconnects with lost words
Ugandan trans woman beats the odds to find love
The Pearl of Africa star had to flee after newspaper outed her on front page
Top film picks at Inside Out 2016
Must-see list for Toronto’s annual LGBT film festival
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