Ugandan trans woman beats the odds to find love
The Pearl of Africa star had to flee after newspaper outed her on front page
Top film picks at Inside Out 2016
Must-see list for Toronto’s annual LGBT film festival
Trending videos on Daily Xtra for May 2016
From bisexual kisses to PrEP Talk and more
The secret loophole that pays for PrEP
Reporter Rob Easton jumps through the hoops to try to get Truvada
Why a gay and trans gang trusted no one in Washington, DC
And the straight filmmakers who slowly earned their trust
Ex-con tries to get queer gang off the street
LGBT gang Check it formed in Washington DC to protect its members
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How safe is condom-less sex for gay guys on PrEP?
'The idea that sex can be safe without a condom is very foreign to most people,' says one PrEP-taker
LGBT gang fights back
Tired of being bullied and facing violence, Check It decided to do something about it
A film that doesn’t ask,
Strike A Pose co-director wants to focus on the dancers in official sequel to Truth Or Dare
The secret life of Madonna
Meet the man who co-invented voguing then went on tour with Madonna
Are gay and bi men in Toronto embracing PrEP?
The AIDS Committee of Toronto at forefront of prevention revolution
The hottest gay films at Hot Docs 2016
Madonna, gay gangs and tickling all day
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Are young gay guys sluttier than straight guys?
The Bare Naked guys talk about sex and question slut-shaming
Toronto crowns Kinky Jesus
Meet the former church minister competing for the title
What happens when a bisexual woman kisses a gay man?
Vancouver short film Meet Cute takes a funny look at what it’s like to be bisexual
Young queer guys talk about sex and saying what you want
How self-image issues kept one teen having sex in the dark
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Is it racist to prefer a certain
How to balance cultural compatibility with exclusionary boxes in queer dating circles
Trending videos on Daily Xtra for April 2016
From finding Kinky Jesus to skipping Rob Ford’s funeral
Why this gay man didn
‘We weren’t welcome to his life. We’re not welcome to his death, either’
Queer men compete to be Kinky Jesus
Meet the contestants in Toronto’s divine competition
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Rob Ford
How much have things changed under new Toronto mayor John Tory?
How good is your gay vocabulary?
Daily Xtra plays 20 questions with gay guys in a locker room
Trending videos on Daily Xtra for March 2016
From Emma Donoghue's Oscar fantasies to gay guys getting naked on camera
Gay guys talk about getting naked on camera
Meet four guys who took off their clothes for Egale’s new body image campaign
But you might want to wear condoms, says Canadian doctor who documented HIV-on-PrEP case
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