What is Spark?

Spark is a program created by Xtra to support organizations working on activist projects in the LGBTQ community and connect our readers with these same activist projects.

How can you get involved in your community through Spark?

There are numerous ways you, the reader, can get involved in activist projects in Canada’s queer communities through Spark.

You can sign up for the Spark Alerts service through Twitter or email. This service alerts you when new activist campaigns in your community of residence are seeking volunteers or other means of support.

You can also check the Xtra Spark section of DailyXtra.com, where some of the most impactful activist projects in Canada’s LGBT communities are continually profiled. Each of these stories contains ways for you to get involved.

You can follow Xtra Spark on Twitter and like our Facebook page to keep up to date about activism taking place in Canada’s queer communities. You can also join the Spark Facebook group to engage in discussions with other LGBT activists in Canada.  

We are an organization engaged in activism. How can Xtra Spark support us?

Spark partnerships are customized for each organization, but in general we offer the following types of support as part of what we call a “Spark Partnership.”

i. Media coverage on DailyXtra.com – We offer media coverage that highlights your campaign to our national LGBT readership. Different from regular editorial coverage, Spark coverage is written in the aim of inciting our audience to get involved in your campaign, and contains calls to action to your donations page or website.

ii. Ad design & creative - If your campaign requires printed or digital posters or pamphlets, we can offer the services of our professional designer to create effective and appealing artwork.

iii. Flyer & poster production - We can provide poster printing if you have pre-existing campaign posters.

iv. Meeting space - In some cases, we are able to offer brick and mortar meeting space to organizations and community groups.

v. Spark Activists - Spark maintains a database of LGBTQ and LGBTQ-allied activists interested in contributing to their communities. We are able to engage our volunteer database to participate in your campaign.

vi. Social Media Support - Customized social media campaigns and/or shares through Xtra Spark’s social media properties.

vii. Financial Support - Financial donations or donation matching campaigns.

How can I request a Spark Partnership?

Community groups, organizations and coalitions of individuals working on changemaking projects in LGBT communities can inquire about partnerships by emailing the Sponsorship Program Manager at spark@dailyxtra.com. Please include a brief description of your project, its timeframe, project goals and expected results.

Why did Xtra create Spark?

In spite of the hard fought advances in rights won by LGBT people in Canada since the 1970s, these rights are neither fully secured nor equally distributed in our community. In instances such as homophobic persecution in the name of religion, the threat to our communities remains an external one. In other cases, racism, classism, ableism, misogyny, HIV stigmatization and sexism divide our communities and threaten lives.

Xtra Spark grows out of the activist legacy of The Body Politic (the predecessor publication to Xtra) which was a leading voice of gay & lesbian liberation in Canada. Drawing on a new generation, and rooted in the achievements of pioneering activists, Spark seeks to safeguard rights won and drive social change forward in Canada’s LGBT communities.

How is Spark funded?

Spark is funded by Pink Triangle Press (the parent company of Xtra). Currently, the program is in search of a major sponsor. If your business or organization would like to receive more information about becoming a sponsor of Xtra Spark, please contact the Sponsorship Program Manager at spark@dailyxtra.com.