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10 Things I Hate About The Holidays…Pt 1

Well, since I already mentioned it, #10 would be Adrian Grenier:

10) Adrian Grenier

This guy has just as much charisma as a wet sock.

9) Fancy hats

I've already seen women sporting some of these on the streets of Vancouver. Who isn't attracted to dead-bird head.

For even fancier occassions, there is this: 

Look how happy this woman is with her giant lemon rind head. I've decided that the look in her eyes is the same crazed look people have before getting hit by a bus.

8) Christmas Strippers

Remember: a bow tie doesn't make you Santa Claus

7) People asking, "Are you ready for Christmas?"

If you have to ask, clearly I'm not, so why ask the obvious.

6)  Meg Ryan

Ol' Picasso Face here is the yin to Adrian Grenier's lesser yin (there is no yang in this equation). She is a known Christmas-ruiner. Beware.

Check back tomorrow for Pt 2.