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100% pure dance

Crystal Waters – I find your clever stage name and sultry singing style just as intriguing as I did 14 years ago in 1994 when I was but a young lad of 13 and referred to this kind of musical stylings as "techno" and "not ABBA" and … therefor … "bad". In those days, I parted my hair down the middle. You guessed it: I was the cat's meow. Picture the following:

…except now picture it with braces, a unibrow and a penis. The stuff nightmares are made of. Truly.

I've been avoiding So You Think You Can Dance Canada but only because Idon't have the time to watch it. Tonight however, I needed some shirts-unbuttoned-to-the-belly-button-and-tight-black-pants mindlessness…and the video above appeared on a highlights real. I love house. I also love dancing. House dancing? Fuck off. It can't be true.

So I've resolved to take some classes. Not house classes, but other classes. Interested? There are many places to take classes in Van, though I have heard great things about this place:

And who am I to deny you the pleasure of an early 1990s flashback? Here's the full vid for 100% Pure Love: