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102.2 The Edge cancels Dean Blundell Show in wake of scandal

The Dean Blundell Show has been on indefinite suspension since Dec 12, 2013, after Blundell and co-host Derek Welsman discussed a criminal trial for which the latter was a jury foreman. Not only were they accused of homophobia and making light of rape, but discussing aspects of the trial on a radio show could have potentially caused a mistrial in the case.

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In light of the controversy, Corus Radio — the parent company of 102.1 The Edge — has announced that as of Jan 6, 2014, The Dean Blundell Show has been cancelled after 13 years on the air.

According to The Globe and Mail, Corus Radio publicly announced that it is cutting ties with Blundell and moving in a different direction, saying, “With the start of the new year, Corus Radio will be taking 102.1 the Edge in a new direction in 2014. The station will return to a more music-based format showcasing the best in modern rock [ . . . ] As a result, The Dean Blundell Show has been cancelled, effective January 6, 2014.”

Blundell has since commented on the show’s cancellation on Twitter: “Truly love you all. The last 13 years been the greatest time of my life. #thankful for all of you. #wherestheremote”

Well, this really can’t be all that surprising: they talked about a criminal trial for which one of them was a jury foreman. What he revealed not only could have jeopardized the case, but could probably have revealed some pretty glaring biases in his judgment. Not only that, but putting a daily morning show on hiatus for almost a month? There’s really no way they could have bounced back from that.