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12B Vancouver’s Underground Restaurant

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining a dining party at underground dining sensation 12B, which is run by Chef Todd in a secret location in the City of Vancouver. This was thanks to the legendary Dean Wolverine, who was also recently crowned Mr. Movember at the 1181 Tight Lounge Man of Movember contest. See him in all his glory:

(Photo by Brandon Gaukel)

Now. 12B is quite the experience. Chef Todd cooks up a 6 course meal for 6-12 people. Donations are $50 a head, it’s bring your own beer and wine, and warning: if your friends cancel, you can expect to pay for their meals (so no cancellations!). However, it’s an intimate amazing dining experience. It also give me a chance to try out some video blogging. My first attempt: not too shabby. You can expect me to get better over the upcoming months and for more video blogging posts to appear on Up Your Alley soon.

And for the queer tie in: Chef Todd mentioned that the queer dinner groups were often the most fun because we love good food and are ready to have a great time.