Left to right: Ellen Page, Will Smith as Genie, participant in India’s Rainbow Pride March, Gus Kenworthy and Janelle Monáe Credit: Scott Garfitt/STRPA, Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, Richard Shotwell/Invision, Piyal Adhikary/STREPA; Francesca Roh/Xtra
Valentine's Day
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13 LGBTQ2 heroes we’re crushing on this month

In honour of Pink Triangle Day and Valentine’s, let’s share some queer love

Sure, it may be Valentine’s Day, the boring commercial holiday earmarked for overpriced chocolate and flowers. But it’s also, more aptly, Pink Triangle Day — a chance to celebrate LGBTQ2 people and their love in all its forms.

That’s why we’re shouting out some of the LGBTQ2 folks we’ve been crushing on, admiring from afar and just full on stanning.

Here are the people we’re sending our love to today:

Ellen Page

She said what we’ve all been thinking — on late night television, no less. Earlier this month, the Canadian actress used her platform on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to call out Vice-President Mike Pence for his homophobic and transphobic stances. Then she directed her attention to Chris Pratt, who also appeared on Colbert’s show last week, questioning his membership to a historically anti-LGBTQ2 church. Thanks for being the superior Ellen, Ellen.

Scott Brison, now retired Nova Scotia MP

Throughout his 22-year career in politics, Brison helped changed the legal landscape for LGBTQ2 people — especially on the same-sex marriage file. Brison, who served as one of few openly gay federal ministers, announced his resignation last month to spend more time with his husband and adorable two daughters. We get it — family comes first — but we’ll still miss his presence on the Hill.

LGBTQ2 community in India

On Feb 2, 2019, Mumbai’s ’s queer and trans communities celebrated their first Pride Day since the country’s supreme court overturned the ban on gay sex — a relic of the colonial era — on September 2018. Happy Valentine’s to all our LGBTQ2 friends in India who are freer to celebrate their true selves and love who they love.

Napoleon Jinnies

Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Jinnies made history earlier this month as one of the first men to cheer the Super Bowl. Growing up, Jinnies preferred the dance studio to the athletic field and he recalls being bullied for it. After performing on American sports’ biggest night, we say he’s come a long way! Now, we’re #blessed to stan a talented new icon.

Sydney’s gay penguins

When the rest of a young penguin colony in an Australian aquarium failed to adequately care for their eggs, Sphen and Magic — two male penguins happily in love — stepped up to the task. Together, the pair hatched the only egg in the colony, a chick whose sex is still unknown. What’s more beautiful than these penguin daddies — literal lovebirds! — and their little chosen family this Valentine’s Day? Probably nothing.

Gus Kenworthy

The heavens blessed us with Gus Kenworthy, a gorgeous gay Olympic skier who isn’t afraid to clock haters and controversial YouTuber Logan Paul. Kenworthy’s clapbacks — including his recent shutdown of a Twitter troll questioning his athletic abilities — are so great that he makes us adore him more.

Janelle Monáe

Happy Valentine’s to our pansexual goddess, Ms Monáe. From blessing us with pussy pants last year to bringing bisexual visibility at the Grammys to shouting out trans folks at the same show, she deserves all our love and admiration today — and always.

Elena and Sid on Netflix’s One Day at a Time

Bless this show for its amazing, nuanced and funny depiction of queer teen love. Season three was just released and it gives a big platform to the relationship between nerdy, lesbian teen Elena and her non-binary partner Sid. And if that wasn’t already deserving of big bouquet of flowers, the pair shared their first “I love yous” on the Valentine’s Day episode.

Queer reality contestants 🙋

For years, we’ve been subjected to the same old straight drama playing out on our favourite trashy reality TV shows. Now, things are getting queerer: TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé will feature its first gay couple, Bashar and Bambino, in an upcoming season, while MTV’s Are You the One? began its search for non-binary, sexually fluid cast members. And Netflix’s new series Dating Around will feature queer couples of colour. Finally, representation gets real.

Bert and Ernie

After decades of speculation and are-they-or-aren’t-they debates, the (not so) secret romance burst out of the closet last week as Sesame Street executive Brown Johnson (kind of) confirmed Bert and Ernie are gay.

Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig, Leisha Hailey and co.

They’re blessing us with yet another season of The L Word this fall. Despite our love-hate relationship with the show — so much dyke drama! such a bad theme song! — we’re stoked to see Bette, Shane and Alice back on our small screens, plotting out The Chart one decade later.

Will Smith’s Genie

Okay, we know people have opinions on this one. But Will Smith’s Genie in the new live action Aladdin movie deserves a shout out because — hear us out — we think we’re looking at a new queer icon. Look, if we have a special place for the Babadook in our hearts, then why not a shirtless, bejewelled wish-giver who looks like a giant smurf or a moving teardrop emoji 💧? Happy heart’s day live action Genie. We, sincerely, wish you the best.

To all the thirst traps and selfie queens

Happy Valentine’s to all the beautiful men and women who made us reach for that ice cold glass of water! (We’re looking at you, Laith Ashley, Teddy Geiger, et al.) Thank you for blessing this world with beauty — and continue what you’re doing. (Please.)