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14-year-old drag queen

Sharon Adams and her son Tom Adams talked to the Daily Mail about Tom's love for all things sequin and stiletto.  

Tom, who also goes by Tamara, started performing in drag more than a year ago with the encouragement of his dance teacher. "I love to entertain, and this feels natural," he said. "I don't want to be a woman, but I like the feeling of being in drag. It's glamorous."

He admitted to being bullied in school but is determined to be himself. "It doesn't matter what the bullies say," he shrugged. "I'm my own person and this is what I enjoy. I was worried about what people would say at first, but as soon as I had my fake eyelashes on I loved it. I like transforming myself."

"He never wanted to play football or rugby," Sharon said. "Tom loved to dance ballet, jazz and tap. He's really outgoing, so we encouraged him. It was completely his decision." Recalling her son's first drag performance, she beamed, "I felt so proud. He was wearing a short blue dress, false boobs, a short blond wig and high-heel shoes. He had false nails, eyelashes and green eyeshadow — the works! It didn't freak me out a bit; it was an amazing performance."