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17 French phrases to help you flirt your way through Montreal Pride 2017

Whether you want to give someone a compliment or pick them up, we’ve got you covered.

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Montreal is busy hosting the country’s inaugural Canada Pride festival. Meanwhile, anglophones nation-wide are wondering if they remember enough of their elementary school French lessons to overcome language barriers at the 11-day event that touts itself as the largest Pride festival in the Francophone world.

We’re all familiar with the classic “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?” (Thanks,  Xtina) And while that’s a good start, sometimes it’s just not enough to make it through the night. To get you started on your newfound quest towards bilingualism, we’ve put together this list of helpful phrases you can try out at Canada Pride Montreal 2017.

Throughout the Day

Community Day, Montreal Pride 2016. Credit: Courtesy Fierté Montréal Pride

Happy Pride! — Bonne Fierté!

I love your outfit! — J’adore ton kit!

Where does the parade start? — Où le défilé commence-t-il?
(For reference, this is the parade route)

Where’s the closest bathroom? — Où sont les toilettes les plus proches?

Where’s the closest bathhouse? — Où est le sauna le plus proche?

Which are the best bars? — Quels sont les meilleurs bars?
(Here’s our list of LGBT Montreal nightlife spots)

On the dancefloor

Montreal Pride 2016.

You’re hot! — T’es hot! / T’es beau!

Are you single? — Es-tu célibataire?

I have a girlfriend/boyfriend/partner — J’ai une blonde/un chum/un partenaire.

Can I buy you a drink? — Je peux t’offrir un verre?

Let’s get out of here. — Sortons d’ici.

After the bar

Want to grab a poutine? — On se prend une poutine?

Your place or mine? — Chez toi ou chez moi?

Do you have a condom/dental dam? — T’as un condom/une digue dentaire?

Cut or uncut? — Cut ou uncut ? / Circoncis ou non?

Are you a top or bottom? — T’es top ou bottom? / Actif ou passif?

Can you call me a cab? — Pourrais-tu m’appeler un taxi?