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A face odyssey

Sofonda Cox is all that, and more.

The young queen burst onto the Toronto scene over the last few months. Next year promises to be even bigger and better.

Here are Sofonda’s resolutions for her 2001 face odyssey.

* I always listen to the advice of other queens. “Eat more meat,” they tell me. So I’ll be spending more time at Remington’s.

* I envision more shows at sea. I like the idea of being trapped with all those hot boys.

* Never get upset by rigged pageants.

* I plan to conquer Los Angeles and Miami in the winter, New York in the summer, Chicago in the spring and Japan in the fall.

* That means booking flights so that I arrive when the Marines land – I missed them by one day last year in Mexico.

* Always be on top – and bottom – of things.

* Next year’s fashion: Less is more. It’s all about skin and see-through fabrics.

* Beauty tip: I always use Ivory.

* Reign nice, not bitchy.

Sofonda is doing two shows on Sun, Dec 31 (midnight and 4am) at Arrival, the big New Year’s Eve party at Playdium (126 John St). In one of her sets, she plans on scaling the big mountain-climbing rock; she hasn’t decided yet if she’ll go à la The Poseidon Adventure’s Stella Stevens (in other words, in heels).

Ms Cox takes over hosting duties once a month at the popular Best Chest Contest at Woody’s (467 Church St); her next gig is Thu, Jan 18. She also hosts Woody’s Sunday night drag show on Jan 28.

And Sofonda performs every Saturday night at Five nightclub (5 St Joseph St).

Following her successful appearance in Puerto Vallarta two months ago, she’s also been invited to perform at the new Mayan club in Los Angeles on Sat, Jan 13.