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2010 in Review

This was the worstest of times and the bestest of times.

  1. Haiti
  2. Café Cléopatre's future:  was in jeopardy/people rallied for the saving of the historic venue/may be saved?
  3. Glam Gam Productions did some shit! And we are all the better for it. Thanks neon-wearing, naked kids!
  4. Mark Dailey, died
  5. North Korea… weirdness
  6. Chilean Miners' rescue: awesome
  7. Kate McGarrigle, died
  8. Arcade Fire, cures malaise
  9. Aquafit and lane swimming, room temperature vat of water anyone? It's like the womb
  10. iPads
  11. Caribou YES, more electric tinkerings like these!
  12. LCD Soundsystem dude know muzak
  13. Leslie Nielsen, died
  14. Beach House
  15. G20, gross abuse of power, mass arrests and dissent, a sign of the times
  16. Sufjan Stevens, feels good on the heart
  17. LIP SERVICE, AKA GlasGay. The TV series that made us believe in Scottish TV lesbians again


  18. Nicolo Rizzuto, aging Sicilian godfather of the Montreal crime clan, killed
  19. Sleigh Bells, the girls know how to make the guitar reverb and make noise and shit
  20. Florentines, Italian cookie recipe
  21. YOGA, the gentle kind
  22. Shad Hipitty to the hoppitty. Canadian rap is moving along
  23. Rae Spoon. What an awesome year for him
  24. Jess MacCormack, an artist that holds hands with strangers, draws beautiful things and looks at folks with authenticity (you can catch her teaching art at Concordia these days)